Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Night & Day - Chapter IX

That day, I learned how fast I can be when the situation asks for it. After leaving from Brigs, I ran with only one thing in mind: getting to Michael’s house. Only so that I could get an explanation.
He said he wouldn’t let go. He said that we’d be together. But his actions just didn’t make any sense to me.
I practically stormed into the house. I could barely breathe because of the rush I was in.
It’s funny how falling in love can make your usual actions take a deep turn. Before this, I was always a calm person, never rushing anywhere. This was Michael’s mark on me.
I looked around and yet again, I couldn’t see anyone. I climbed the stairs to the first floor, towards the place I knew Michael’s room was. I remained for a bit standing in front of the door. This would be the first time when I entered his room.
Again fear crawled its way into my body. Not the fear normal people would actually feel upon entering a vampire’s nest, but fear of the answer that particular vampire would give me.
I took a grip of myself and opened the door.
There was nobody in there. No Michael, no nothing.
Then I heard something move a few rooms away. Something that seemed to be footsteps was coming from the direction where my room was.
I went towards there to check. I was already feeling worried since I would usually be ‘welcomed’ by one of Michael’s visions.
I noticed that it got dark pretty fast. Since it was late autumn, the day was now becoming shorter and shorter.
Because the lights weren’t turned on yet, the mansion seemed pretty creepy and I couldn’t see very much in front of me.
A sudden crack made me stop. From out of a room, a person ran out and went straight towards the window. But the moment he saw me, that person stopped. That person watching me made me feel all of a sudden, afraid.
In the moonlight, I could only see the shape of a person I had never seen before.
“Who are..-?” but I didn’t get to finish what I was trying to say, because just then, that person jumped off the window.
I couldn’t move for a moment. From right before my eyes, a person jumped from the 2nd floor of a mansion that wasn’t actually very low…
When I finally got a hold of my senses, I went straight towards that window. But nobody was there anymore.
What normal person would have jumped from that high, and then leave as if it was nothing?
I turned around, and behind me was the room from which that person came from, with its door open.
It was my room.
Not knowing if there was still anyone in, I slowly walked towards it and went in.
There actually was someone inside. But that person wasn’t someone I could consider suspicious.
Next to my bed, Beea was folding some of my clothes that were just washed. But you could tell that her mind was somewhere else. There I was, standing in front of her, and she didn’t notice me at all. She was just staring in mid-air.
“Beea… are you alright?”
She reacted as if I just woke her up from a trance.
“Huh? Ah… yeah, I’m fine. Is something the matter?” she said, now with her usual smile.
“I just saw someone coming out of this room. Did he do anything to you?”
She paused a bit, as if again, she went in that trance of hers.
“Hm? Oh, no, I didn’t see anyone” she said after ‘waking up’. “It must have been your imagination, Lydia.”
Something smelled fishy. I knew that I wasn’t going insane… yet… but I didn’t ask anymore, since I knew that Beea wouldn’t hide something without a reason.
But still…
Then I remembered the reason why I rushed back here in the first place.
“Beea, did you see Michael?”
This time, her expression changed again and her eyes widened. It was as if, this was a question she least wanted to hear.
“Uhm… Lydia… he’s…”
Now I was really worried.
“Beea, please tell me where he is.”
“Well… he’s not here… he said that he had some things to do, and will be away for a few days…”
I felt my feet going numb. The answers for my questions just ran off again.
“Lydia, it’s going to be alright. You already know how he feels about you.” She said, in an attempt to encourage me.
“… yeah…”
I wanted to believe in Michael, but… what was I supposed to believe when he wasn’t even there to explain things to me?
The next few days passed like they were going in slow motion.
I moved back to my house and started working again at Brigs. All of a sudden, my life turned… normal.
I still didn’t get any news from Michael. I was now like an empty shell, or a soulless figurine working without any energy. I now had different reasons for not being able to sleep at night.
“Lydia, what’s with that gloomy face you’ve been wearing lately? You look like you were just dumped by your boyfriend or something.”
That’s Georgia Pets for you… completely unaware of the situation, but still acts like a walking radar. That, or her intuition is really well developed.
“It’s nothing, I’m sorry for worrying you.”
“You’re such a workaholic, I bet you were overworking again and couldn’t get any sleep. Try finding yourself a man, to have at least a worthy reason for not being able to sleep.”
I really hated that intuition of hers…
“Yeah…” I said with a sigh, hoping she would stop her wave picking radar.
“By the way, did you hear that rumor going around? Seems like some really hot guy is going to be working here starting today!”
And now, Georgia the gossiper strikes again… she never misses a chance to talk about guys…
“Looks like aside from his looks, he’s also very smart. He took his lawyer license in just two days. People usually take weeks or even months going to law school and taking all kinds of tests, but he only took the final and passed it successfully. People say he’s a young genius.”
“Is that so…” I said, trying to escape the ‘gossip quarter’
“Maybe you should try him out, who knows, maybe you two would get along well.”
“I completely agree!” said someone from behind, grabbing me with his arms around me.
Hearing that voice made my body freeze and my heart race, and I still couldn’t believe it until I turned around and saw that person with his black hair and dark blue eyes gazing right back at me.
“Right in the flesh.” He said with a grin and kissed me right there.
“Hm… Wait a minute! What are you doing here?!” I said, breaking away from his kiss. My mind was spinning around me in confusion while he kept holding me as if everything was ok.
In front of me, I saw a Georgia whose face looked like it was just about to fall off from the shock.
“Michael, we’re in front of everyone, you know…” I said, trying to release myself from his arms.
“Don’t wanna! I really missed you, you know?” he said, acting like a spoiled child and squeezing himself even more against me, looking like he didn’t even care at all about all the people that were watching. In fact, I think he was actually doing it on purpose.
“Michael, here’s not…!”
“My, what a lovely scene we have here” said a person coming near us.
A man with blond hair and sky blue eyes came in front of us. He was casually wearing a suit, a shirt with his upper buttons undone, and wearing his coat over his shoulder.
“Hi Mike, long time no see, huh?” he said with a bright smile.
That moment, Michael took his arms from around my waist, but began holding my shoulders firmly. That way, I managed to turn around and see his face better.
Michael was glaring. Instead of the “Hello my friend” smile, he had a deathly glare on his face.
“Tsk, he really came…” he said, like almost mumbling to himself.
“Hey, don’t give me that mean look, will ya? We’re childhood friends, aren’t we?”
Michael’s glare was still unchanged, and he was still strongly holding my shoulders. Were childhood friends supposed to be acting like this? What was actually going on?
“So, you must be Lydia, huh? To be able to get a hold of him, you’re really something, aren’t you?”
I was confused about what to say. He seemed like a very nice person, but I still didn’t know the reason behind Michael’s behavior.
“Well, I hope we’ll get along well, since we’ll all be working here together!”
“Him too??” exclaimed Georgia. “Whoa, I didn’t know that good guys come in a pack!” she said, obviously excited.
“Well, I don’t like to draw to much attention, so I asked the boss if he would keep my coming here a secret.”
‘No, you’re actually drawing a lot of attention…’ Is what I would have liked to tell him.
“And who might you me?” asked Georgia, very curious about the company’s new piece of artwork.
“Me? I’m Alex.” he said with a grin. “Alex Maxden.”

Saturday, 7 August 2010

Lydia Miget [Night & Day]

this is my original drawing of Lydia Miget from my story, Night & Day. this is how I imagined her to be. Drew it, scanned it, modified the colors a bit in photoshop and added the logo.

(if I bring out the courage, I'll also show you my first drawing of her, even though it's not as good as this one... even though they do resemble, and that's what's important...)

I also have a drawing of Michael... even though, I wanna see if I can get a better shot at him first...