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Night & Day - Chapter VII

I was already far away from the house. Only by thinking that I couldn’t be with him anymore if I told him the truth made my mind just go blank… I just left the house like that…
Since when did I become such a coward? Before, I was able to express my feelings much better and wouldn’t do something like run away from anything.
Leave it to love to turn everything upside-down…
I kept walking until I reached a park. Everything that happened seems to have tired me down, so I looked for a place where I could stay down a bit until I found an empty bench.
It was really quiet around… Night was already falling and there weren’t many people around. Though, from place to place, I could still see couples walking around, kissing and holding hands and kissing in the romantic atmosphere given by the evening…
Great… just what I needed right now, to see lovey-dovey scenes…
After a while, there weren’t people around anymore. I guess that they already all went back to their homes.
Strange… Even though that place was supposed to be my ‘working place’ for a short time, I already began to consider it a ‘home’… it was the place I wanted to return to…
I wanted to go back there… but at the same time, I was afraid that if I go there and see Michael now, he’d ask for explanations and I’d just blurt everything out. For the first time, I was afraid of those blue eyes that became my personal drug, my ‘truth serum’.
The voice that was calling out from me released me from the trance I was in right now and I turned around. The feeling I had when I saw the only person I could talk freely with was something like a door opening at the end of the tunnel.
I said that, but my voice sounded as if it was broken. The moment I saw her, I just burst into tears as he took my head to her chest and hugged me.
“Beea, I… I…”
‘I’m a total idiot’ is what I wanted to say, but I wasn’t able to speak properly because I was crying. Seeing Beea made all these feelings burst out.
Somehow, she became I person I could trust. Still being in her maid suit, and clearly worn out from running, she went looking around for me… and after she finally found me, she didn’t ask anything… she just stayed by my side until I calmed down.
“Feeling any better now?”
“Beea… I couldn’t… I wasn’t able to…”
Seeing that I wasn’t going to finish what I began to say, she tried to figure out herself what the answer was.
“Did you have a fight with Michael?”
“Eh? Fight?”
I became confused that moment. It wasn’t actually a fight. In fact, it wasn’t one at all.
“No… we didn’t fight… it’s just me who is just… I… couldn’t tell him… I was afraid that if I do, everything would be…”
Beea saw that I was barely connecting sentences, but she seemed to have realized what was going on.
“Lydia… you don’t need to rush yourself if you feel that you’re not ready… When the moment you want to tell him your true feelings will come, do it without feeling like you’re being forced to… Michael will understand.”
What she said was true. Sooner or later, I’ll have to tell him… I just had to find the right time, for when my heart would be able to hear both of his answers.
Beea’s words gave me a little more courage. Beea smiled when she saw that I was already feeling better.
“You know, when you left the house, he couldn’t stay still not even for a moment. He was walking around and acting like an impatient little kid right there. It was so cute to see him so worked up.”
I looked at her to see that she was giggling.
That kind of surprised me… Michael was actually worried about me…
When she saw that I became really curious, she continued talking to me, and I was also like a kid carefully listening to a story.
“He almost ran out looking for you when he saw that it was evening and you weren’t home yet, but I stopped him and said that I’d go… I pretty much already figured that something like this was going on, so I thought that I should find you first. It wasn’t that easy to convince him though…”
For a moment there, I wasn’t able to say anything… but… I was somewhat happy…
“Should we go back now? I bet he already made a big hole in the floor…”
Seeing her trying to cheer me up like that made me feel like she was kind of like my guardian angel.
“Yeah… let’s go.”
When I arrived at the house, my chest was already feeling really tight. The questions from ‘the person in cause’… I still didn’t know what to say if he asked me…
But instead of that, I was welcomed by something that I really didn’t expect.
When I entered the house, the first thing I saw was Michael, that even though he was sitting on the couch, he looked stressed and like he was restraining himself there.
The moment he saw me, he got up the couch really fast and walked like a storm towards me.
Before I even realized what was going on, he was already holding me tightly in his arms. His heartbeat was really fast and I could feel his breathing in my ear. Thank God he couldn’t see my face there, because I’m sure I was boiling red.
“I was worried, you know…”
One thing is to only think that he was worried, and another is to actually hear him saying it himself. He still held me for a few more seconds, but it was enough for him to notice that my heart was racing.
When he finally let go of me, I still kept my head down for a bit.
“I’m sorry…”
After that, I heard him sigh. Well, come to think of it, every normal person would get tired with me doing stupid things like these…
Seriously, I was really acting like a kid… I was really living up to my baby-face…
“It’s ok… just… don’t do it again.”
I raised my head to see him smile, I missed that smile… I only saw it earlier today, but it still seemed like it was such a long time…
“Lydia… you should go and rest for now. Tomorrow we have a lot of work to do. There’s a pile of documents and records just waiting for us on the library desk.”
There was still more?
“Seriously, I think you’re even better than me at this…”
He chuckled a bit when he saw my grumpy face.
“What? It’s true!...”
“But I couldn’t have gotten here without your help. You’re a really good teacher.”
“Then maybe I should ask for a raise since my teaching skills are so awesome…” I said in an ironic mumble.
“Do you want a reward then?”
Reward? What kind of reward could he have given me?
Looking at him, he looked really confident about something… His gaze already caught me in its net
A kiss… for some reason, that was the first thing to come into my mind…
I was already seeing him giving me a passionate kiss… taking control while I was holding onto him…
WAIT! What am I imagining again??
But still… the sensation felt so real…
Looking at him, his smug, carefree smile was back in its rightful place. That was the moment when I realized that I was really red.
“No thanks, your rewards still sound suspicious to me.”
“As you wish.” he said as he turned around. “Then, I’ll also go and take some rest. Don’t run off again, ok?”
“Geez, I won’t…”
He smirked as he left the room.
Seems like his good mood was also back…
But… I couldn’t help not to notice… he was really careful with the things he was telling me… even though he was worried, he didn’t ask for anything about tat ‘certain’ matter. Beea was right about him…
He understood me. Despite his teasing character, Michael knew that I couldn’t comfortably talk about that and didn’t ask anymore… He was really thoughtful about me…Even as the day kept passing, Michael was still acting his usual self. Not even once did he ask me or touch that subject again, even though a normal human being would have at least tried to find out once.
Well, it wouldn’t surprise me if someone told me now that he’s actually an alien…
But still… his silence also made me confused again… maybe he wasn’t interested in it after all…
It was already the 5th day now. For some reason, I couldn’t sleep very well that night as well. I dreamed again of that person…a person who was chasing me, and in the dark, I could only see his deep-blue eyes slowly changing their color into a bloody-red one…
Even though I should have already gotten used to it, the moment I woke up my breathing was heavy and my heart was beating like mad. It really made me wonder how it managed to keep up with it until now.
I took a shower and got dressed and went to have some breakfast before going to the library for the morning ‘instruction’ session with Michael that it was still, in my opinion, quite unnecessary. It was more like he was the one doing the teaching…
When I arrived at the kitchen, I saw Beea doing breakfast there.
“Mornin’ Beea. Can I help some too?”
“Oh, Lydia, good morning! Well, breakfast’s already done, so you can just go ahead and eat.” She said that with a bright smile that made me successfully forget about last night’s dream. But…
“Uhmm… Beea... Where’s Michael?”
“He’s probably waiting upstairs. You can also go after you have breakfast.”
But what about his breakfast…? It looks like Beea also made only one, for me…
Well, he probably ate before me… so might as well eat something too.
Even so, it still made me feel lonely…
When I went upstairs, in the library, I saw Michael reading again. All the papers were ready as well.
But… there was something off with him… He looked as if he was really tired and his face clearly showed that he was troubled about something.
But still, he noticed me right from the moment I came in.
“Good morning Michael…”
“Good morning…”
It was pretty weird hearing that lifeless answer from him…
“Michael, is everything ok? You seem ill…”
He soon realized that I was worried about him, and tried to hide it with a smile.
“It’s ok… I’m just a little tired… “
“… Should we call today off so you could get some rest?”
“Lydia, I told you, I’m fine. Don’t worry unnecessarily, ok?... I’ll go and wash my face a bit… I’ll be right back…”
Somehow, I just got the feeling that he was trying to hide it because I was such a worrywart…
Even though he was a person with great influence on other people, he still cared about the feelings of those that were around him…
I decided. Today, I’ll tell him about these feelings I keep inside. Even if he rejects me, I don’t want to be a coward and run away anymore… he doesn’t deserve this either.
My feelings for him were also too great to be kept in any longer…

Author: Lacramioara Cobzaru

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Story Plots: Night & Day + Vampire Knight

i just realized that i didn't write up until now a plot for my stories... and of course, a story/novel needs a plot... so i'm gonna write one for each of them right now.
both of these are vampire stories xD

Night & Day
Lydia Miget is a fresh lawyer working at Brigs Company. One day, her boss receives a call from a person linked with the company, a man with great influence and power named Michael Devan... even so, she is told that she has to be his instructor and also live in the same house as him, to accustom him better with the bussines... how will she manage to resist this person who is making her heart race?
Moreover, what if Michael had a great secret that even Lydia would find hard to believe...?

Vampire Knight - Our Story
Rima and Yuuki are now closer than ever. Due to a series of events which revealed that Rima is actually a pureblood vampire and Yuuki is also her sister, her life took a great turn... but what will happen if her enemies won't be only greedy vampires and hunters, but also people which are actually some kind of werewolves? How is she going to hold the lycans off while also protecting those dear to her?

so, feel like reading them now?

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Vampire Knight OS - Alfa

this is the soundtrack for part VII of Vampire Knight - Our Story, which mostly represents the most powerful of lycans. The soundtrack's name is Alfa.

Saturday, 8 May 2010

Vampire Knight OS - Part IX

Part IX: The Link

Deep in the forest, you could hear footsteps… you could hear that someone was running…
‘Oh yeah, these are my footsteps…’
In the midst of the night, Rima was running away from something. Looking back, she saw green phosphorescent rooks chasing after her, and a big, black cloak which was releasing them.
‘I have to keep running…’
‘It’s useless to run.’
Looking in front of her again, she saw a boy with black hair and a pair of black eyes blocking her way. Seeing her, the boy smirked.
‘You’re mine now!’ he said as he charged at her, before she even managed to react.
“Nooooo!!” she yelled, but as she opened her eyes, the boy wasn’t in front of her anymore, even though she was still in the forest.
The easily recognizable voice of another boy made it clear to her that she was only having a bad dream. The boy that had blond, spiky hair came running towards her, and looked worried at her with his green-yellow-grey colored eyes.
He was holding in one arm some woods and a couple of sticks, and in the other ones two rabbits that seemed to be caught not too long ago.
“Are you alright?”
Akito was breathing heavily, sign that he rushed towards her.
“I’m fine, but… what the hell are you doing with those things?”
“Oh, these?” he lifted the logs and the rabbits. “I’m making dinner!” he said with a proud grin. “Want yours to be raw or cooked?”
“…-.-‘ ”
“As I figured, not to your liking, huh…?”
Rima stared at him a bit…
“Oh no, so you’re planning to serve me for dinner!” he said, chuckling and putting down the things he was carrying.
Akito was still laughing, but after a moment he stopped, tuning his head towards his side.
“So he’s here already…” said Akito, almost like lost in space.
Rima was confused for a moment, but when she felt the scent of the person who came, there was no doubt about it anymore.
After that, she saw him… At a short distance, Shiki was standing in front of her. His expression that time was almost as if he lacked emotion… It was as if it wasn’t a person there, but a stone… because of that, Rima felt guilty, because she knew the reason why he was mad…
Then, she looked towards Akito who was still standing right beside her.
“I let them know where you are… you should go back, Yuuki is probably worried sick about you…”
Her silence could have been taken as an answer. She got up, but was caught by a slight pain in her body. As she was about to fall, she was caught by Shiki, whose expression still hadn’t changed.
“You should take it easy for a while, kay?...” said Akito as he started to walk away. “Say ‘hi’ to Yuuki for me!”. After saying that, he disappeared into the forest.
Rima turned her head towards the person who, even though he seemed to be upset, he was gently carrying her as he started running.
He didn’t say anything back, and neither was looking her in the face.
“Shiki, I know you’re upset, but… there wasn’t any other way…”
He still kept silent… But when Rima decided to stop saying anything anymore, a reply came.
“Why didn’t you let me protect you?”
“… you were already badly hurt…”
At that moment, Shiki stopped.
“I didn’t care. You should have had some more faith. You just gave up too easily…”
“I… I’m sorry…”
She knew that Shiki had all the rights to be mad…
But then, she felt Shiki’s arms holding her tightly to his chest.
“Please don’t worry me like that ever again…” he said, and she could hear his breathing in her ear, as well as his heartbeat.
Rima smiled as she put her arms around him, hugging him tight.
They both continued their way towards the house… but soon after that, she realized that they weren’t heading towards the mansion.
“Hey, Shiki… where are we going?”
Shiki didn’t answer right away… he seemed like he was searching for the right words to express something…
“We had to move out… that place was no longer safe…”
Thinking about it, he was right. Leo already knew about that place, so staying there any longer would be dangerous.
They were running for quite a while. When dawn was breaking, they reached a mansion that seemed to be from a different region as the previous one.
“This place is owned by my family, so we can stay here for now.”
“Oh… so this is Shiki’s…”
But then, she realized that she was still being carried by him.
“Hey, mind if you…”
Shiki smiled as he saw her trying to get down, but he held her even tighter.
“What, you have something against me carrying you over? That’s the least you could do…” he said as he lowered his face and kissed her on the forehead.
“It’s just stupid…”
“Well, if it’s just ‘stupid’, you shouldn’t mind me doing it then.”
She looked at him and when she saw his smile, he couldn’t complain anymore.
“Do as you like…”
Shiki smiled hearing her answer.
When they entered the house, everyone was in the living room. Kaname was at a desk with Aidou and Akatsuki, while Yuuki was with Ruka on a couch unable to sit still, giving Ruka some trouble in calming her down.
When Yuuki saw Rima coming in with Shiki, she immediately stood up, pushing Ruka aside.
“Oh, great…”
Still being carried by Shiki and with everybody seeing that scene wasn’t exactly her idea of keeping a low profile.
Shiki saw the face she made, but he smiled when he saw her acting like a kid.
“They were all really worried about you.”
“There wasn’t any need to be… and now, would you please…” said Rima while trying to get herself down. He smiled again and let go of her.
“Thanks.” she said, bluntly.
But she hardly set foot on the ground that she already heard Yuuki yelling.
The next moment, she found herself being hold by her crying sister. Yuuki was holding her so strongly that it was almost hard to breathe.
“Yuuki, calm down… it’s ok…”
“It’s not ok!!” she said, bursting in even more tears. “Do you know how worried I was? Why did you place yourself in such danger? We could’ve found a way to win!”
Yuuki’s words were like a stab, because she said the same things Shiki did. But even so, Rima wasn’t regretting it… as far as she’s concerned, the way things were that time wasn’t showing any hope…
“Yuuki, I’m fine now, so it’s gonna be alright.”
Yuuki noticed the change in Rima’s tone. The way she said it left no place for arguing… she just complied and hugged her tight.
“I’m glad you’re safe…” se said with a relieved voice.
Rima didn’t say anything back to her, but there wasn’t any need for that. She was clearly happy to be back.
Time passed so quickly that they didn’t even realize that it was already afternoon. After all that, Rima was feeling so tired that she fell asleep on Yuuki’s shoulder.
“Seems like she really was exhausted. No wonder, after everything that happened…” said Yuuki, seeing her sleep so peacefully.
“I should take her into a room so she can properly rest there… you guys need to listen to a certain somebody…” he said as he looked towards the window, where a boy was standing.
“…Akito?!” said Yuuki, surprised.
“Shhh, you’ll wake her up!” he said as he looked towards Rima.
“Oh, sorry…” she said, lowering her voice.
“I’m going to take her upstairs. I’ll be back in a minute.”
He lifted Rima in his arms, but immediately after doing that, he saw Akito glaring at him. Somehow, his face reminded him of an annoyed puppy.
“What?” asked Shiki, bluntly.
“It’s not fair…” said Akito, pouting.
“Life’s not always fair…” said Shiki, but couldn’t help letting out a smile.
Akito still had that ‘pouting face’ as Shiki was taking her away, letting him mumbling to himself.
“And to think that I even left them some space… ungrateful guy…”
Yuuki’s voice returned his attention back to the room they were in.
“Yuuki… it’s good to see you again...”
“Same here…” she said smiling. It’s been a while since they last saw each other and actually got a chance to talk.
“I see the pup’s starting to get really cozy around us vampires…” said Aidou with an annoyed tone.
“Hanabusa, you speak too much…” said Akatsuki in his usually calm tone, hoping to also convince him as well.
“Kain, stop taking his side. He’s our natural enemy, how can we trust him just like that?!” added Ruka in a loud tone.
Seeing how everyone was against him, Yuuki just couldn’t stand there quiet.
“Akito would never do anything to harm us!!” she said, almost at the point of yelling.
“It’s ok Yuuki, I’m already used to it…” said Akito in an attempt to calm her.
“Now the dog’s acting all big…” said Aidou frustrated…
“Aidou, Ruka…”. By calling them, Kaname caught everyone’s attention. “I think we shouldn’t forget that he was of great help to us in the part incidents. And also, in order to get over this one, we’ll be needing his help again.”
“…Yes… I’m truly sorry, Kaname-sama…” said Ruka with her eyes facing down
“I’m also grateful to him”. Everyone tuned around to see Shiki coming back. He looked towards Akito, and then continued. “If it weren’t for him, Rima might have not retuned to us safe and sound…”
“Tsk… even him…”
Aidou looked away, obviously still annoyed. But deep inside, he knew that Akito really did protect Rima with all his strenght.
Silence remained for a few moments, until Kaname looked towards Akito and spoke again.
“I believe there are some things you need to tell us. What happened after that Alfa kidnapped Rima?”
Akito couldn’t answer right away. It was like he was searching for the right words to explain it.
“… She was almost transformed into a lycan…”
“What?!” exclaimed Yuuki. “H… How??”
“The same way I was turned into one. But it seems to be more complicated in her case due to the fact that she’s a vampire…”
“I think you’ll need to explain it in more detail.” said Kaname.
Akito told them about the witch’s spell and how he was transformed.
“So… what is the relation between the Alfa and that witch?” said Aidou, almost forgetting that he hates him.
That was a question that was also troubling Akito.
“… I don’t know… I know that she has the rooks inside, because I almost have one as we. I can sense them… and I know that their reaction in Rima’s body is different. Akito stopped for a moment, and turned his head towards Shiki, who was listening carefully. He continued after.
“For some reason, they seem to be reacting very violently inside her…in my case, it’s not that bad, but with her… my guess is that its because both of the rooks managed to get through… but there’s also the possibility that they’re ‘fighting’ with Rima’s vampire powers which are blocking the transformation.”
“Damn, it’s one problem after another…” mumbled Aidou.
“And how did you manage to escape?” asked Kaname for further info.
“It looked like she escaped before I found her. She was with this hunter with silver hair and a tattoo on his neck.”
“Zero?!?” said Yuuki in a loud voice, unable to keep it down because of the shock.
“I don’t know his name, but it seems like his gun managed to wound the Alfa when he came to take Rima back after she escaped. That’s how we were able to escape.”
“Hunter weapons… So that could be a way to defeat them… said Kaname after analyzing the situation.
“Does that mean that we have to work with the hunters again?” asked Aidou, clearly unhappy about it.
“Aidou, please understand that until we can find a solution for this problem, we’ll need the help of everyone we can get. Hunters are also included.” said Kaname in a calm tone.
“…I understand…” said Aidou, even though he was still unsatisfied.
“I’m glad to hear that… and now everyone, you can go back to your rooms and have some rest.” said Kaname.
Everybody agreed and went to their rooms, and in the main room only remained Kaname, Yuuki and Akito.
“Akito…” said Yuuki with a sad face, knowing that he’s about to leave.
Kaname got closer to him and put his hand on Akito’s shoulder.
“You can also stay here for a while if you want. By the looks of it, I’m sure Shiki would agree with it.”
“Kaname Onii-sama…” said Yuuki surprised. She looked happily towards Akito.
He on the other hand wasn’t really sure about what to do. Being the only lycan in a house full of vampires wasn’t exactly something that would make him feel very ‘at home’… and Kaname also realized that.
“I’m not going to make you do it but still, if something were to happen, it would be good if you were also around.”
“And Rima would also cheer up if you stay. Even though she doesn’t show it, she likes having you around.” said Yuuki, letting a giggle escape.
“Really?? Then I’m gonna take up your invitation!” said Akito enthusiastically.
Yuuki smiled in response.
In another room, Rima was sleeping. But she wasn’t having a peaceful sleep at all.
In her dream, she was followed by a pack of big wolves which were chasing after her into the forest. When she reached the edge of the forest, a black haired boy with back eyes that were now having a few dark green tendencies was standing in front of her. The boy smiled as he saw her going into a panic.
‘Isn’t it about time for you to stop running?’
That very moment, Rima woke up and saw that she was heavily sweating and her heart was about to burst out. She was relieved to see that it was only a dream.
After taking a shower and changing her clothes, she went on a walk because she knew that right now, she couldn’t bring herself to sleep anymore.
It was still day-time, so it was most likely that the others were sleeping.
But when she reached a room that seemed to be the library, she saw that the door was open and Yuuki was also inside.
“Hey Yuuki... what are you doing?” she said as she entered the room.
“Rima, you’ve already woken up?… Nothing really, just reading some books to kill time… But Rima, I’m sure you were really tired, why didn’t you sleep a bit longer?
“It’s nothing… I just couldn’t sleep anymore…”
“Bad dreams?”
“Yeah, kind of…”
Yuuki walked towards Rima and gave her a warm hug.
“Everything’s fine now…”
“Yeah…”. At least for now, it was ok… then a scent came to her, making her search with her eyes around the room. “…Why do I smell dog?”
“Heheh ^^’, well, that might be because…”
The next second, Akito barged in, leaving Rima speechless.
“…What the hell are you doing here?”
“You disappeared from your room, so I panicked!”
“I mean here, in this house.”
“Oh, this…”. Akito prepared a smug grin. “I’ll be staying here for a while!♥”
“…Great, now I’m stuck with you even here…”
“It’ll be lots of fun, you’ll see ^^ ” he said as he hugged both Rima and Yuuki.
Rima sighed.
“Well, whatever…”
Yuuki instead giggled, because she knew the true meaning behind her words. Rima was already feeling a lot better now…
The next few days that came brought along some great storms. Even though most of the time they had to stay indoors, the heavy rain also had it’s advantages: it helped erase their scent, slowing the Alfa’s down from their tracking.
Even though the ones at the house were still on guard, the atmosphere around wasn’t that tense anymore. Both storms had finally calmed down, and the weather became really good and warm. Rima’s body also regained its strenght and it didn’t hurt anymore.
Afternoon caught her lying on the grass in the back garden, under the shade of a tree. Carried by the breeze, a now familiar scent came to her. Realizing who it was, she sighed.
“Here he comes again…”
“Rimaa, what are you doing here?” said Akito as he came to sit next to her.
“Trying to have some peace of mind. Alone!”
“C’mon, it’s more fun when you’re with someone else ^^”
“… Whatever…” she said as she closed her eyes.
Akito had a happy smile, seeing that Rima got more used with him around. He tuned his face towards the sky and got caught in thoughts. His face became a bit more serious now.
“You know… it might be just me being overly protective, but… these past days made me feel that it’s not gonna be long until he comes back for you…”
Rima opened her eyes to see him spaced out.
“Idiot… you shouldn’t worry about others so much…”
“But Rima…”
Akito suddenly turned around, but then he saw Rima having a small, but encouraging smile.
“I’ll be ok.”
She kept her smile for a few more seconds, and then she turned around.
“Now go away, I want to sleep.”
Akito has a happy smile as he got up.
“Alright, sleep well!” he said as he went away.
“Finally, he left…”
Rima smiled a bit, but that didn’t take long because once she fell asleep, the nightmares that were absent for a while made her have a hard sleep again.
This time, in her dream were a lot of people fighting and being injured by wolves. She wanted to save those people… but when she got closer to them, the person who appeared in front of her and stopped her from going forward was Leo.
‘I’ve returned!’
She woke up, breathing heavily again.
“Only a dream again…”
“That’s not quite true…” said a voice from close behind her. Hearing it made Rima get up instantly and back away.
“You again…” she said when she saw Leo calmly sitting only a few meters away from her.
“How did you… find me here…?”
She already knew that he would one day find her, but this was too soon. By using scent tracking, normally it would have taken at least a few more days to find her.
His sly snicker didn’t fail to show that he was enjoying the situation.
“You won’t be able to hide anywhere from me anymore. Wherever you go, I’ll find you”
Rima glared at him; that didn’t answer her question at all. But Leo wasn’t affected by it at all.
“The spell. As long as you have it inside you, no matter where you go, it will be impossible to hide.”
‘The spell?’
Those rooks!! So that’s how he found her! He’s able to sense her…
That could be troublesome…
But even so… she wouldn’t give up that easily again…
After all, she promised…
Leo started walking closer towards her, until he stopped right in front of her.
“That spell is what links us; you can never hide anything as long as you have it. And of course…” he had a snicker as he said that: “… your mind is included.”
Her mind? She didn’t get to think too much about it, because in the other direction she could hear someone running fast towards their place.
Running at full speed, Akito came in front of Rima, making Leo back away. He was glaring straight at the person who was nonchalantly standing in front of them.
“He’s back…”
Akito’s voice changed a bit. From his past experiences with Leo, he already knew how strong he was. But even so, he knew what he had to do, and with that, it didn’t matter to him if he was strong or weak.
“I kind of figured he would also be here… This place is full of them”
Then the others…
“Is everyone ok?”
Akito didn’t answer to that right away, which made Rima worry. But in the end…
“… Everyone’s doing their best to hold them back… but those guys are also pretty strong…”
Everyone was fighting. Even though she watched Akito with a very worried face, when she turned her eyes towards Leo, who was standing like he didn’t have a care in the world, it immediately changed into a glare.
Leo sighed, sign that he was already tired of the interferences. He raised his hand, like he was giving a signal.
In a split of a second, Gin and Clid jumped right in front of Akito.
“Yo!” said both of them and pierced his abdomen with their claws, without giving him even a chance to move. In just a second, Akito was hit on the ground, standing in a pool of blood.
“Hey, hang on!” she said as she tried going towards him, but stopped when suddenly, her mind was seeing images of Shiki, Yuuki and the others fighting with Alfa’s, and getting wounded pretty badly. Then, all of a sudden, the images stopped…
“What… was that…?”
Rima was in a shock because of that.
“That’s our link.” said Leo. “I already told you, I have control of your mind now.”
Rima now understood what were those dreams she had a few days ago. He entered her mind…
“You realized it, didn’t you?” said Leo when he saw the expression she had.
“You’ve come prepared to take me back, right?”
Her angry tone didn’t make him even flinch. Instead, he was enjoying it…
“Hmm… That’s not really true either…” he said as he went closer to Akito and stopped beside him. Even though he was badly wounded, he was still conscious and was watching his every move.
“Bas…tard…” tried Akito to say, but he was clearly in pain.
“Then why are you doing this?” she said as she looked at Akito. “What do you want?”
Right now, Rima was out of patience. But Leo seemed to be pleased by that.
“I’ve decided that instead of bringing you back forcefully so that you could escape again, I will exhaust you psychically, until you agree to come willingly, once and for all. And for that, the best way is to take from you everything that’s dear to you.” He didn’t say anything for a few seconds. “Of course, this is also for my own pleasure.” He said with a sly smile.
“You’re really mad…”
He didn’t seem disturbed by that, but on the contrary, he seemed to be amused.
“Gin, Clid, order retreat to the others. Our task here is done.”
“Yes, Leo-sama” said the guys as they left.
Leo gave Rima a last glance for this encounter, before turning around.
“Until we meet again, my Queen…” he said as he disappeared into the falling night.
Rima lost control over her legs which failed to support her anymore, and she fell on her knees.
“Ri…ma...” said Akito, and when Rima looked towards him, she saw that he was crawling towards her.
“No, don’t move anymore, you’re wounded!…. you idiot…” she said as she stopped and turned her eyes to the ground.
When Akito got next to her, he was surprised to see something shining on her cheek.
“Rima… don’t cry…”
She wiped her tears that starting flowing.
“I’m sorry… I’ll become… stronger…” She raised her head and tried to bring up a smile. “Next time, I’ll be able to protect myself and my friends properly.”
Seeing how determined she was, Akito also had an encouraging smile.
“I’m sure you will…” be continued...
Author: Lacramioara Cobzaru

Sunday, 2 May 2010

Night & Day - Chapter VI

Afternoon came fast, but Michael wasn’t back yet. It was already the second day, where could he have gone to all of a sudden…
After realizing my own feelings, I wanted to see him even more. To see him, to talk with him, to drown into his eyes again… Is this the feeling you have when you fall in love with someone?
Looking at the window, I saw that outside is a really beautiful day. I decided to go for a bit into the back garden. I didn’t go there until now, because I wasn’t particularly interested in it… but today I was bored, and the weather was also too beautiful to miss this occasion.
The first feeling I had when I stepped into a garden was a shower of sunrays falling directly on me. Seeing the garden from up close made it even more beautiful. It was just like those you see at the richest of the nobles. The trees, the grass, the flowers… combined, they formed a beautiful place where you could relax all you want. And while admiring it, under a tree, on a bench, on the other side of the garden, I saw Beea…
She seemed like she was resting. Maybe she was tired from all that cleaning… it wouldn’t surprise me, this house is huge… even now I find it unbelievable how she can do it…
I went closer to see if she was asleep or not, but as soon as I got near her, she opened her eyes as she probably heard me coming.
“Hey, sorry… did I wake you up?”
“Hey Lydia…” she said, with a tired voice, but giving me a smile that made me relieved, thinking that I wasn’t really an eyesore…
“No, I wasn’t really sleeping… it was just beautiful outside, so I thought I should rest a bit, that’s all…”
She really seemed tired. I guess her work was really exhausting, if it could tire her out like that…
“Did you finish with the cleaning?”
“Not really… I still have some more to do…”
There was still some more to go, huh…?
“I guess that keeping this house clean isn’t really easy, right…?”
She smiled, awkwardly.
“It’s not that hard once you get used to it…”
Out of an impulse, she took her hand to her neck, and I saw that she had a bandage.
“What’s with the bandage? Did you hurt yourself somewhere?”
Her eyes widened up, as if I just touched a delicate subject. After that, she seemed like she was trying to calm down and act normal.
“Yeah… I scratched myself on a branch while cutting them… nothing big…”
Sounds logic.
“But isn’t that a gardener’s job?”
“Yeah, but… there were a few branches bugging me, so I just cut them… but one caught me as well… heheh…”
That reminded me…
“Beea, can I ask you something?...What happed to the other workers?”
After a short pause, she gave her answer.
“Well, they’re not working here anymore…”
Yeah, I realized that… but as she didn’t want to give me a proper answer, I started guessing.
“Were they fired or something?”
“Yeah, sort of…” she answered, and still didn’t seem to want to say anything more about it.
So even Michael can get mad at people. I also experience that, but I didn’t get to that ‘level’ yet…
Without realizing, I fell into my own world of thoughts again. And Beea caught that right away…
“You miss master Devan, right?” she said, with a smile that was 50% meant to tease me.
I started blushing instantly because I remembered our discussion that time, and she took it as an answer.
“Did you greet him today?”
I became confused…Today?
She giggled.
“He came back a little while ago.”
My face seemed to have lightened up when I heard that. I was already seeing “blue” in front of me…
She giggled again.
“You should go see him. We’ll talk again later.”
I was somehow hoping for her to say that. Beea was really a nice girl, and even though she also liked Michael, she was taking my feelings into consideration as well. Not everybody would do that.
I got up from the bench.
“Thanks! See you later!”
I think I said that with a little too much enthusiasm, but at that time, I really didn’t care. I wanted to see him so badly…
I walked away from Beea, and I think I was doing that a little too fast. Was I that much in love with him? In such a short time I fell so deeply in love with him that it was painful not seeing him…
I entered the house, and went directly to the living room since it was the first place where I thought he should be in.
But he wasn’t there. The room was untouched from the last time I came in here. I started walking on the corridors, trying to suppress the enthusiasm and eagerness that was flowing inside of me.
But I couldn’t see him anywhere around. Everything was silent…
Then it came into my mind. The library! A place he would surely prefer to spend time in.
I started to walk really fast towards it. If he came back, he would be in there for sure.
Not slowing down at all, I opened the door of the library and entered it.
Nothing. He was nowhere to be seen. I was covered by a big wave of disappointment.
“Hey Lydia, where’s the fire?”
The magic voice that was making my heart race. I turned around, unable to keep in the smile that came on my face.
“So, did you miss me while I was away?”
Well, at least now he was in a good mood…
Looking at him, my eagerness calmed down, and a warm smile took its place.
“Welcome back, Michael.”
He smiled, half in a smug way, but the other half was also pleased to hear that.
“I’m home.”
He had such a wonderful smile… seeing his face for the first time after realizing my own feelings made my heart beat like crazy, but it also made me feel warm on the inside. For me, he was like a camp fire for a human in the middle of a land surrounded by snow
And seeing my weakness again almost made my heart melt. His eyes, the color of dark blue again, were as mysterious and beautiful as ever. Those eyes, which were causing me addiction…
I’m sure he noticed me just staring, but he didn’t interrupt my ‘day-dreaming’. Instead, he answered using a smile.
But then, I remembered.
“Did you see your parents?”
He looked confused by my question.
“…you went to your parent’s house to take Beea, right? Didn’t you see them?”
“Oh, that… well, they were out…”. He sat on a chair next to him, and made himself comfortable in it. “By the way, did you get along well with her?”
“Yeah, she’s a nice company… her intuition is a little too good, but otherwise she’s a very nice person…”
He looked suspicious towards me, and I wanted to know what he was thinking.
“…Is she a nice company for you as well?”
I don’t know why, but I simply blurted that out. I regretted it immediately after.
But instead of laughing of the stupid question I just asked, his expression became really gentle.
“She’s… one of the only persons who I can truly trust. She’s a really dedicated person when it comes to someone she holds dear…”
He really had a gentle expression while talking about her. Was Beea’s love really only one-sided? Was Michael in love with her as well? Only thinking about that made my heart ache…
But for some reason, when he saw the expression that I had, he seemed to be amused, because I saw a smile coming on his face. I turned my head away, because I didn’t want to get angry at him right from the start.
“Are you, by any chance, jealous?”
That question caught me unprepared. I was a reaaally bad liar…
And him… aside from being in a very suspicious good mood, he also came back with a pair of guts he never had before… well, at least not with me…
“O..Of course not!” I said, but I didn’t dare to try looking at him.
I heard him get up from the chair. That time, I was screaming in my mind for him to go anywhere else but near me. My face was all red right now, and it would be reaally embarrassing if he were to see me.
That came from right behind me.
‘Oh, crap…’ I thought.
“Lydia, why won’t you look at me?”
‘Because I know that I wouldn’t be able to hide it anymore if I do!’
I almost wanted to scream that at him, but I kept it in. While trying to calm down, I turned towards him.
He was really close to me. I didn’t notice until I paid attention to it.
His gaze was so intense, almost breath-taking. Another part of him which I didn’t see before. The way he looked like now would make even the greatest of the liars confess everything.
‘That’s cheating!!'
I had to think. Fast. If my love would be only one sided, I would have two choices. First, stay here, continue with my job, but always feeling embarrassed and really awkward every time I see him, and the second one which was frightening me the most was to pack my things and leave that house, meaning I won’t see him ever again. I couldn’t bear to do that…
“Oh my, look at the time, I forgot that I have to meet with a friend of mine, heheh… See you later, Michael!”
I had a really awkward smile, trying to be normal. But the moment I turned around, I dashed out. I didn’t dare look behind, because I knew that my mind would go blank again if I saw him.
Damn those guts of his! Now what?! He definitely realized! He’s not stupid! I’m stupid! Running away like that made me feel like an idiot teenager who had been turned down after confessing. How am I going to look him in the eyes now? Stupid me…

Author: Lacramioara Cobzaru

Night & Day - Chapter V

I couldn’t sleep all night. After that dream, when I saw Michael as a vampire who was drinking my blood, I was too afraid to fall asleep again. Afraid that if I do, I would have that dream again.
At dawn, when the first sun rays started illuminating my room, I got dressed, and went on a walk in the house.
I reached the living room, and when I entered it, I saw Michael sitting on the couch, next to the fireplace. At first, I thought that he was asleep, because he didn’t seem to move at all, but as I got closer I saw that he was awake, watching the fire, being caught in thoughts.
His expression made my heart ache. For some reason, he was concerned about something. It seemed to me that it was causing him sadness.
How could I have a dream of him like that? In all the time I spent with him, I thought that even though he’s a person filled with mystery and makes me feel uncertain at times, he’s in fact a good person. I couldn’t find any explanations for why I dreamed of him like a… monster.
I was so caught in my thoughts that I didn’t realize that he had noticed me coming in. His eyes were fixed on me, and his expression was really serious. Even though I was still feeling uneasy, seeing that his eyes were of his usual deep blue color made me feel reassured.
But then, the part from the nightmare where I was being bitten by Michael came into my mind. Remembering it made me tremble for a bit. But I still watched him, full of compassion. I wanted to know what was causing him pain.
I saw him laugh a bit, but it was obvious that it wasn’t how he really felt.
“Did you sleep well?” he finally asked, but he was still having that heart wrecking expression.
“I had better nights…”
Well, that was 50% true. But the whole truth would be that this was the worst night I ever had.
“Then you should try doing something entertaining. Like go out and have some fun. You’re not a working machine.” he said, even thought his mood didn’t change one bit.
But it was true enough. Ever since I came here, most of the time I spent it with Michael and his instructing. I didn’t go anywhere even when he was away…
“I’ll keep that in mind.”
I was really feeling really guilty for that dream… there’s no way Michael could be…like that…
I went to the couch and sat next to him. There was a moment of silence after that.
“Is something bothering you? Can I be of any help…?”
I felt like I wanted to do something for him, I wanted to erase that unwanted sadness in his eyes.
I wanted the usual Michael back…
He turned his eyes on me and I could see that red spark again. I just stared into them.
He looked at me confused, until I answered at his unspoken question.
“Your eyes… they’re… not their usual color…”
My words seemed to shock him. It was obvious that it was something that he didn’t want me to know. And his reaction… seemed to be more like panic…
He got off the couch and started walking really fast towards the room exit.
“M..Michael? … What happened?”
I was confused by his sudden change of disposition.
“I’m going out for a bit… I have something to do…”
“Do you need me to come with you?”
“No!” he said, almost yelling it. He surprised me, making me unable to say anything. After realizing what impact his words had on me, he talked to me in an apologetic way.
“I’m sorry… I just need to take care of something… there’s no need for you to come as well…”
He still wasn’t facing me. And after saying that, he left.
Of course I was shocked. What could cause him to have that reaction? He is usually a really calm person, but today… his calm self has broken down for some reason…
After walking around in the house for a while, I ended up in the library. I didn’t feel like going anywhere out, so I just picked a random book and started reading. But after a while, I found myself just looking at the lines of the book, without actually reading them. I decided to stop reading for today.
Leaving the library, I kept walking on some corridors until I reached the kitchen.
Compared to the rest of the house, it had a really simple design. It didn’t look like it was being used very often. I decided to make a little use of it and cook something. It seemed like ages since I last did that.
That reminded me, I haven’t seen that old butler around for a while. And the maids were also fewer…
Come to think of it, every time I asked them something about Michael, they reacted exactly like that old man: they evaded my question and changed the subject.
That made me even more curious. Maybe that was the reason for my nightmares: my imagination was going wild every time I tried to guess what was going on, and this was the result. I decided to stop thinking about that.
Easier said than done…
Before realizing, it was already night. Michael didn’t come back, so I was worried if he was alright. Something was definitely going on with him, and even though I constantly told myself that I shouldn’t give it so much thought, it was still bugging me.
What was with his eyes changing colors like that? This time I was sure of what I saw. I fell asleep, prepared for another round of nightmares which I was sure I would have after having so much stress today. But surprisingly, for the first time since I came here, I had a really peaceful sleep.
In the morning, I woke up really refreshed. I didn’t have such a good sleep in a long time.
I went out of my room, towards the living. He wasn’t back yet, it seemed…
When I entered the room, there was a young maid cleaning it. She didn’t look familiar to me, so I thought that perhaps she was new.
She saw me coming in and even though she smiled, I felt the tensed aura around her when she saw me.
“Good morning Mrs. Lydia” said the maid, really politely.
“Only Lydia, please. There’s no need for formality between us” I said with a smile, hoping to relieve her stress. Success, it looked to me like she became a bit more relaxed and her smile became real.
“Ok… Lydia. I’m Beea, by the way.”
I smiled back. Taking a closer look at her, I noticed that she was really pretty. She seemed to be about the same age as me… perhaps only a bit younger…
I decided to make a little conversation.
“I haven’t seen you around before, are you new?”
“Well, yes and no… I’m only new in this house. Until yesterday, I was working in the house of master Devan’s parents. He came there and brought me here.”
So that was where he said that he needed to go. He went to bring Beea here.
She smiled, and I figured that she was thinking about something from the past.
“He said, and I quote 'If I leave her alone all the time, she will begin to hate me'”
I was surprised for a while, because I realized that he was talking about me. Unconsciously, I started laughing, and I think that it was because I was happy. Beea seemed to feel more comfortable around me, so we shared the moment.
Michael was worried about me so he brought her here. Thinking about that made me smile from the bottom of my heart.
“You really like the master, don’t you?”
That one took me by surprise. I turned around and saw that she was smiling. That made me go into a heavy blush.
Michael is a good person. He knows how to deal with people, is smart, mysterious, has a pair of wonderful eyes…
My thoughts started going into a weird direction. In what way did I like him?
Looking at Beea, I didn’t know what to answer her. I didn’t even know what my own feelings were.
Seeing me so flustered made her smile again.
“You know, Master Devan can be really merciless if someone goes against him. That’s why everybody respects and fears him. But with the people who are important to him, he can be really gentle and kind.”
She had such a warm smile when she was talking about him. For some reason, my chest began to feel really tight.
“And are you an important person to him?”
That phrase came out of my mouth on its own. But I couldn’t help but wonder. If it weren’t the case, he wouldn’t have gone all the way home just to bring her here, even if it was for me…
But instead of seeing her smile, she suddenly began to feel down.
“To him, I’m more like a person he can use when something… delicate comes up…”
She looked really sad. It was obvious that she liked Michael, but her feelings weren’t returned…
“Well, I have to go and clean the other rooms too” she said, to break the awkward silence that had settled. “See you later, Lydia!”
She smiled, but I could tell that it wasn’t a real one. After that, she left.
To me, it looked like she was trying to avoid a delicate subject.
I felt sorry for her, but there was also a part in me which was relieved. The discussion I had with Beea made it clear to me. Why was I always enchanted by him, why was I always feeling lonely when he wasn’t around, why was I so worried about him when something didn’t seem right.
I was starting to have feelings for Michael...

Author: Lacramioara Cobzaru

Night & Day - Chapter IV

The following day I woke up really tired. I had nightmares after nightmares, and in all of them I could see those dark blue eyes, chasing me everywhere I tried to run.
I went to take a shower, but my eyes were almost screaming that they were tired. Above all, I was still feeling awful after all those dreams. And this was only the first night…
After getting dressed, I went to check the rest of the house. A person could easily get lost in it. After randomly walking around, I came upon an open door, which leaded to the library… and it wasn’t just a small one…
All the book shelves were reaching the ceiling on all sides of the room, covering the walls. Another two smaller shelves were placed in the center of the room. After going there to check, I saw that all of the books there were about law and administration. I even saw some magazines about our company among all the other ones. Without noticing, I started reading and lost sight of everything that was around me.
“Have you found anything interesting?”
I got startled when I heard a voice coming from behind me. I was so absorbed in my reading that I didn’t even hear Michael coming.
“Oh… yes, I found some interesting articles” I said while still keeping my eyes in the book. “You really have a lot of books here”
He smiled at that.
“Well, I like to be informed… books are also a good way to kill time…”
His hand was reaching a book in front of me, and I could feel him close to my body. My heartbeat accelerated as well.
‘Calm down… he’s just trying to take a book…’ I said in my mind, closing my eyes and trying to calm myself.
I opened my eyes again, and I saw that his hand was still on the book. But he wasn’t taking it away; he was just standing like that. I could feel his chest almost touching my back, and hear his breathing in my ear.
After a moment of staying so, he finally took his hand away, with the book in it as well and sat on a chair, starting to read
‘What was that all about?’ I thought, burying my face into the book I had in my hand. I looked towards him and I saw him watching me, even though he looked away the moment our eyes met.
Strange…I was sure that his eyes were only the color of deep, dark blue. But when I looked into them now, it was like they were slightly tending towards red. Did he wear any contacts or something? I couldn’t help but stare.
That moment, he turned his eyes back on me, and a sudden blush came on my face.
His eyes were of his usual deep blue. I guess I just imagined it…
I went into a daze for a while, and a thought about me being in his arms, really close to each other, with me drowning into his eyes, and with him closing his lips slowly towards my neck came into my mind.
I blushed heavily because of that. Now I’ve even started day dreaming…
When I ‘returned to the real world’ I could have sworn I heard him giggle. What did he see so funny? But when I turned around to check, he was serious (or at least trying to be) again.
He breathed in and got up from the chair.
“Well, it’s time for you to start your job”, he said with a smile.
He grabbed my hand and dragged me out of the library, and then we went out, into the city.
I was watching him, confused. He saw my expression and looked at me, with an amusement on his face that was clearly saying ‘isn’t it obvious?’. After that, he cleared my untold question…
“Isn’t part of your job being my guide?”
Aaaargh, of course! I was so caught up by all this that I forgot the reason I came here in the first place!
Now I was feeling dumb… and that was the only word that could come out of my mouth.
And then he smiled…
Really, this guy had some ‘aura controlling’ problems…there were times when his eyes and smile would make me feel spine chills, and other times it would be so reassuring that it would make even the most grumpy person feel reassured. That was how I felt now. I felt like nothing could make me feel bad anymore.
That was cheating… using that on me…
Then, images of me being with him came into my head again, but in it he was looking at me with his deep, catching eyes. Again cheating…
I started blushing again.
But this time, I really saw him smirk.
Man, can he read my mind or what? How else could I explain that every time I see these things in my mind he would have a reaction like that?
We visited the city and the surroundings for almost the entire day, showing him things from the most visited tourist attractions to the most appreciated architectural buildings and companies. I made him a presentation about all of them, but he seemed to know about them pretty well, without really needing any further explanations from me.
At the end of the day i was so exausted, that the first thing that i did when we entered the house was to crash on the couch. I was so tired that i immediately fell asleep, without caring that i wasn’t in my room. Closing my eyes, my consciousness began to fade away and after a few seconds i was already asleep.
But it wasn’t a peacefull sleep...
I heard some footsteps coming towards where I was. It was still dark so i figured it was still night time.
I sat up and saw a tall figure next to the couch, right in front of me. Those deep blue eyes made it clear to me who it was, but for some reason, i felt frightened of him. He didn’t seem like his usual self, and his eyes were slowly becoming red. Even though i knew there weren’t any reasons for me to be afraid of him, every part of my body was screaming at me to run away.
When Michael’s eyes turned completely red, my body started moving on it’s own and i quickly jumped off the couch.
My first instinch was to run away. But that wasn’t enough, because Michael threw me back on the cough, immobilizing me.
He wasn’t the Michael i knew. He had a predator’s eyes. Where did the person i knew disappear? Where did those blue eyes that i longed to see every day go to? And most the important thing... who is this person that’s in front of me right now?
I realized that i couldn’t move my arms and legs. Michael kept me immobilized and i couldn’t do anything to release myself
The moment i started to panic, he had a painful looking smile, and a pair of long fangs were exposed.
Vampire fangs.
I didn’t have time for any reactions, because in a split of a second he went towards my neck, piercing it.
I got up suddenly, screaming, and i realized that i was in my room. When i looked around, i saw that the room was still dark.
„It was only a nightmare...”
I put my hands on my neck. I was shivering really hard, and my heart beating really fast. That dream seemed so real, that even now it’s was hard to believe that it actually wasn’t.
Even though part of me was relieved, my heart was still beating like crazy. Without realizing, my eyes were teary.
I wiped them off, but my tears just weren’t stopping.
„What was that all about?”
I took my head into my hands, and leaned it onto my knees. As my tears wouldn’t stop, i just let them flow...

Author: Lacramioara Cobzaru

Night & Day - Chapter III

The next day started with a fight with my boss.
“Why didn’t you tell me about the most crucial part of all this?!”
“Because I knew that you’ll get mad when I do!”
“And why, from the very beginning, did you send me to live there?!”
He remained quiet for a moment and his face became serious.
“I couldn’t help it… he requested me to do so…”
“Yes, Mr. Devan. He said that it will be much easier this way. And you’ll be able to do your job without effort.”
“Yeah, without effort… sure...”
Mr. Robertson kept apologizing to me on and on.
“I’m sorry Mrs. Miget… Lydia… but can you bear with this for a while? Our alliance with the Devans is extremely important. I’m sorry for putting this on you.”
I didn’t say anything back. I was still upset.
“If you’re worrying about it, please feel at ease. Mr. Devan is a gentleman and won’t let anything happen to you.”
I kind of already realized that, but the paranoid girl that wasn’t used to living under the same roof with a man about the same age as her just wouldn’t shut up.
I sighed and then I turned around to leave the office.
“… Where are you going?”
“… To pack my things. Didn’t you say that I had to stay there?”
Boss seemed relieved from hearing my answer, but it was obvious that he was still feeling guilty about that. I couldn’t really blame him though…
When I got home, I started packing a few things that I thought I would need.
I was still grumpy because of this situation, but oh well… I decided to leave it like that, because after thinking better about this, I realized that it really was more convenient this way. If I had to be his guide and instructor, I had to stay with him all the time.
That thought made my heart pound for a bit. I slapped my hands on my face a bit, to ‘come back’ to reality. It would be impossible for something to happen between us.
After thinking almost non-stop about this matter, I remember something which made me confused for a while.
When Mr. De… Michael, first called and spoke with boss, it seemed that he already knew me. And right after that, he said that I should stay here.
I wonder what…
“No! I’m becoming paranoid again!” I said in a loud voice, as if I was trying to convince myself. But it still seemed weird…
Another slap on my face, and after that, I closed the zipper of my bag and left my house, going to my new ‘workplace’.
When I rang at the doorbell, the old butler answered and welcomed me in, showing me to my room.
I was amazed when I entered it. The room wasn’t really overly large, but the furniture was making it really beautiful.
A big window was right on the other side of the room, facing the door. The curtains were of a dark, elegant red, tied up so that the light could come in. The bed was huge, placed in front of the window, with its left side facing it. A wardrobe as large as the bed was on the right side of the room, being in line with the bed, facing it.
It was so stylish. Modern, but with the same classic feel as the house was giving off as well.
“Do you like it?”
I turned around and saw Michael at the door. And the butler… he seemed to have just disappeared... great...
“It’s really nice. But you shouldn’t have bothered with me like this…”
He smiled at my moment when I got all modest. But his eyes were still as mysterious as ever, making me feel like I was falling right into them.
“It’s not a problem. Enjoy your stay here.”
He turned around to leave, and then stopped.
“Oh… I forgot to tell you.” He turned his head to me, fixing me with his eyes again. “I like the scent of your perfume. Really natural… and sweet.”
He smiled, and then left.
I smelled myself. I didn’t use any perfume, nor did I smell of anything. And there was something weird about that smile too…
“No, stop being so paranoid already!”
It seems like talking to myself makes me feel better lately…
I went to sleep, hoping that I’ll have some peace of mind until next morning. But things didn’t go as I had planned…
Right after I fell asleep, I started dreaming…
I was on some halls, walking, or better said almost running. Running from something. As I reached the end of the hall, something grabbed my arm from behind and pulled me back. When I turned around, I saw a mysterious figure, and the only thing I could see were his eyes: deep, dark blue.
I woke up with my heart pounding heavily. I took my head into my hands and turned around, making myself into a small ball. I was already feeling uneasy…
I tried to sleep, but even though I was trying to think about pleasant things, I still had nightmares…

Author: Lacramioara Cobzaru

Night & Day - Chapter II

It took me a while to find Mr. Devan’s place. Mr. Robertson gave me his address so I could go and settle some matters. But I had the feeling that something was up with him. He was tensed all morning, and when I was preparing to leave the office and go to the appointment, he had an apologetic expression and made me think that he was hiding something, but he told me that it wasn’t something worth worrying about. I left it like that because I know that he usually knows what he is doing.
After I managed to find his place, I was amazed of how big the mansion was. It was quite modern, but still had an old and elegant feel to it. I rang at the door bell still admiring the place.
The door opened and an old man, bald at the top of his head, appeared in front of me.
“Hello, I’m Lydia Miget. I have an appointment with Mr. Devan today... My boss, Mr. Jake Robertson sent me.”
“Oh, yes, Master Devan told me that you will come today. Come in, please.”
After inviting me in, on the way to the main room he told me that he was a butler in this house, and that he had been working for them for a long time. He became kind of tensed when I started asking about his master, but I thought that it wasn’t comfortable for him to talk about his master behind his back. He seemed pretty praiseworthy.
We entered a room which had a fireplace as the center of attention in the room. The fire was rising beautifully, illuminating the entire room. The furniture was placed so that it could highlight that beautiful fireplace as well, and the walls had a warm color, giving me a pleasant and welcoming feeling. It’s colour was like a nice beige, only a little darker.
„Master Devan, Mrs. Miget is here.”
I turned around and saw at the room entrance a tall man, with black hair and dark blue eyes. I noticed them right away, because it was a color i had never seen before. He had such a deep gaze that i almost lost all my concentration. He smiled and i ‘came back’.
“Hello, miss Lydia. Pleased to finally meet you.”
He had the same polite way of talking like he had when I first talked on the phone with him.
“Hello. I’m pleased too meet you as well, Mr. Devan.”
“Please call me Michael. I hope we’ll get along with each other.”
“Alright… Michael.”
He nodded and then smiled. I don’t know why, but it made me feel a bit uncomfortable. Still, I smiled back at him.
“Would you like some coffee? Or do you prefer tea?”
“Oh… some tea then, thanks.”
He sent the butler to bring the tea and invited me to sit down on the couch as he sat on a chair. He fixed his eyes on me, which made me wonder if I had something on my face.
“…Is there something wrong?...”
“Hm? Oh, no, I was just wondering where you left your luggage.”
I looked at him, confused.
“Didn’t Mr. Robertson tell you?" he asked.
“I’m not really sure about what he should have told me…”
He seemed to be amused by that. In the meantime, the butler showed up with the tea.
As Michael saw that I didn’t have any idea what he was talking about, he decided to tell me himself.
“Well, for the following time, you’ll be living in this house as my instructor.” He said, calmly, like it wasn’t anything significant.
I, on the other hand, got up suddenly and almost made the old man drop the tea while he was putting it in front of me.
“L-L-Live here? With you?”
He laughed a little bit about my reaction.
“Is there something wrong with it?”
He smiled, like he was telling me that I had to calm down.
“Don’t worry, my butler will always be here if you need something, and there are a few maids here too. If you don’t plan on going anywhere while I’m not here, you’ll always have them to spend time as well. You have your own freedom here.”
His eyes narrowed for a bit.
“Or is there another reason you don’t want to stay?”
I couldn’t tell him that I thought it was weird for a woman like me to live in a house with a man like him. Good looking, charming, mysterious. Dangerous. I absolutely couldn’t tell him that.
He smiled at my answer.
“Then it’s settled. Please enjoy your staying here, Lydia.”
I smiled a bit, but this one was only to be polite. In the inside, I was only thinking of boss’s ‘prank’. ‘Mr. Robertson is gonna pay for this…’ I thought. So THIS is why he looked so weird this morning. He really WAS hiding something. Probably he knew I was going to be mad…
But oh well… guess I might as well bear with it. I mean, nothing bad could come out of this… right?

Author: Lacramioara Cobzaru

Night & Day - Chapter I

Mysterious beings which move in the darkness... frightening, yet attractive... once you meet one, you won't be able to escape it... the more you struggle, the more bound you become to it.

Chapter I

“Good morning Mrs. Miget!”
“Good morning as well, Mrs. Pets!”
My Name is Lydia Miget. I’m a newcomer at Brigs Company, in which I was employed half a year ago.
“Early as usual, aren’t you?”
“The early bird catches the worm, isn’t it right?
“Yes, you’re right ^^”
Georgia Pets is my co-worker. She is only one year older than me, but everyone says that in comparison to her, I’m like her little sister. But even though I’m already 24, many people told me that I don’t look like having more than 17. I was ‘blessed’ with a childish look which caused me some trouble in finding a workplace after graduating from university. Even though I got out with top scores and I’m competent in my work, for about a year I couldn’t find any workplaces. Even though they witnessed my capabilities, they were worried that if someone who looked so much like a child would be their employee, the clients would lose confidence.
“Mrs. Miget, good morning! How are you today?”
“Good morning Mr. Robertson! I’m fresh and ready to go ^^”
“It’s good to see you so energetic. How is your office’s remodeling going?”
“Almost finished, they just have to arrange some more things and it’ll be ready.”
“It’s good then ^^”
Mr. Jake Robertson is my boss. He’s the only one who hired me without taking my appearance into consideration. ‘It’s not the looks that matters, it’s your skills that are important’ is what he said to me.
He’s a kind man in his 50’s, but with the energy of a person in his 30’s. He’s very dedicated to his work, and is kind of like a model for me. All of the other people here are treating me well, so my working days here are really enjoyable. I really thought that I would have a normal job, with a normal salary, leading a normal life. That was until today…
A friend of mine, which is Mr. Robertson’s secretary, asked me to do her a favor as I was passing by.
“Lydia, can you please take these papers to Mr. Robertson’s office for me, please? I’m kind of stuck in this paperwork for the moment and he needs to sign them today”
“Of course, don’t worry about it?”
Before giving them to me, the phone on the desk started ringing. I gave my friend a sign that I would pick it up for her, as it was right in front of me.
“Hello! Brigs Company here! What can we help you with?”
‘Hello! I would like to speak with Mr. Jake Robertson.’
It seemed to be the voice of a young man, and he was talking in a very politely way.
“Oh, yes! I’ll tell him right away. Can you wait for a moment?”
‘Of course. Thanks you!’
I took the documents and then went to Mr. Robertson’s office.
“Mr. Robertson, there’s someone on the line who wants to talk with you.”
“Oh, then I’ll pick it right now. You stay here, I see you have some documents for me.”
After picking up the receiver, his expression lightened.
“Mr. Devan, good morning. I’m glad that you took the bother to give us a call”
He seemed happy talking with him, even though it was showing on his face that he was nervous.
“Oh, so you’re in England now?”
After hearing his answer, his expression suddenly lightened again as he looked straight at me.
“Don’t worry, I have the perfect person for you right here.”
‘Might it be Mrs. Miget?’
“Yes… it is.”
I was a bit confused about this. Somehow, he knew me…
‘Then I’ll be looking forward to working with her. We’re going to settle the other deals after this.’
“Yes Mr. Devan, I understand.”
‘Well then, goodbye for now.’
After putting down the receiver, he closed his eyes for a moment, breathed in, and then opened them, fixing them on me.
“Mrs. Miget, you’re being reassigned.”
Because he took me by surprise, the only words that came out my mouth were:
“The person that just called was the son of a first rate lawyer, and which happens that their company is the one financing us. Without their support, we could get ourselves in some big mess…”
“I understand… but what’s with me being reassigned?”
“Mr. Michael Devan is here in order to learn more about the job he is going to take in the future. He’s going to be a lawyer, just like his father. But so far he’s been living abroad, and now is his first time coming to England. And I want you to be his guide, as well as his instructor. Considering your skills, I have the greatest confidence about sending you.”
“Well, in that case… ok… I understand…”
“I’m glad that you’re not against it ^^”
Even though it was sudden, I accepted. How could I refuse this person who was like a father to me? I had to help him in return as well. What I didn’t know is that this was going to be something that would change my life as it was until now…

Author: Lacramioara Cobzaru

Own Fiction - Night & Day

Starting now, I'm also gonna gonna post here another story of mine, named "Night & Day". I'm sure that if you love stories which have romance between a human girl and a vampire boy, you'll love this one too ^^ unlike "Vampire Knight - Our Story" which is a fan fiction, this one is a story originally made by me (me = vampireholic). So... Enjoy ^^

Vampire Knight OS - Part VIII

Notes: - the ‘…’ are usually used to show what the character is thinking, but also could be used to recall someone’s words from their memories.
- “…” as you already know, these are used for the actual words of the character

Part VIII: The Hunting

After agreeing to go with Leo, Rima was taken at their hideout. It was in a big house in a remote area, which took a while to reach, even with their speed. She was locked into a room in order to prevent her from escaping.
‘You’re going to stay in here for a while. And here’s an advice: don’t even think of escaping.’ is what Leo told her when he brought her there.
“And does he really think I’m gonna stay here and do nothing just because he said so? He’s gotta be kidding me…”
It’s been a few days since she was staying in there. There were always a group of lycans standing on guard, so escaping would be rather difficult. Since the entrances were all guarded, she kept looking for another exit. But she wasn’t lucky enough to find a secret trap or something that would take her outside.
There was nothing in that room except for a bed, two chairs and an iron table
She heard a knock on the door. By the sound of it, it was also being unlocked and someone was preparing to enter the room. And the ones she saw was the duo which helped in Yuuki’s kidnapping.
“Hey missy! Need something?”
“Yeah, your faces are bothering me. Move them elsewhere, doggy-men.”
“Wou, wou miss, we came with good intentions here” said the one which had dark grey hair. “And it’s not ‘doggy-men’, I’m Gin.” he said pointing at himself. “And he’s Clid.” He said pointing at the other one, with the dark brown hair.
“Yeah, yeah, whatever…”
Then she had an idea while looking at the big iron table.
“Well, while you’re here, might as well help me move that table elsewhere. I don’t like it there.”
“Oh… ok…” said Gin. “Clid, help me out here! That thing looks really heavy!”
They went and lifted the table, with Gin at one side and Clid on the other one.
“Man, this thing sure is heavy…” whined Clid.
“I’ll help out…”
Rima went and took the table as well. But after touching it, she released a great mass of electricity in the table, which should conduct it and electrocute those who came in contact with it. The amount she released in that table should be enough to put even an elephant into a coma. And yet…
“Auch, hey, did you feel a sting right now?” asked Gin.
“Yeah, maybe this table has splinters.”
“What splinters? This is iron!”
“Well, whatever. Let’s take this over there”
Rima was amazed. They were still carrying the table as if nothing had happened.
‘Thank God they’re idiots…’
After putting down the table, they both went towards the door.
“We’ll come back later to check on you and if you need something else.”
“I’d be happier if you didn’t…”
“Heheh, you’re funny” said Gin with an almost sarcastic laugh. After that, they left.
“Damn it…” said Rima, annoyed.
“You don’t give up easily, do you?”
As she turned around, she saw Leo sitting on the window, with his smug smile directed at Rima.
“Oh great, just when I was finally happy with not seeing your face around…”
She was right. After he brought her to that place, he went off elsewhere for a couple of days.
He smirked.
“Well, I couldn’t stay too much separated from my queen, isn’t that right?”
“Queen?? I agreed to come here with you, but I don’t remember ever agreeing to become yours. So shut up or I’m really gonna crack your head wide open!”
“If you could do that, you wouldn’t be here in the first place, don’t you think?”
Rima didn’t reply to that. What he said was also true.
Leo got closer to her.
“You’d better be more obedient.”
“Yeah, sure, keep dreaming. How can a vampire obey a lycan?”
“Vampire, huh… well, that is a problem that’s gonna be solved soon enough…” he said as he took hold of her chin.
“What do you mean by that?”
“Simple. You’re going to become a lycan.”
“It’s just as you heard.” He said with an intimidating looking smile.
“You’re mad!..””
He grinned at that.
“Maybe I am… maybe I’m not…”
Great… she couldn’t use her powers, and Leo wanted to transform her in a lycan. Even though she still had doubts of that, his eyes were dead serious about this. She had to escape that place fast. And there didn’t seem to be any ways of escaping.
But after that, she saw that the window was open.
‘Aah, of course, he came up the window!’
That window was usually locked. She knew because she already tried opening it several times.
‘Is he an idiot or what?’ she thought, because he left it like that.
Leo turned his head at the window, and then turned it back at Rima.
“Seems like you’ve got an idea, right?”
Rima glared at him. That guy was playing with her mind and she didn’t like it.
“Yeah, I’ve really got one.”
Rima caused an explosion with her lightning, using it as a diversion. She ran at the window. Even though it was at the third floor she took the risk and jumped, running away from there.
The next moment, Gin and Clid came rushing into the room, after hearing the explosion.
“Hey, what happened here?! Ahh, Leo-sama… did she escape?”
Making a short pause, Leo looked towards the window and then smiled.
“Who’s escaping? I’m only leading her to her destiny.”
He started walking to the window, stood there for a moment, and then jumped as well.
After running for a while, Rima reached a forest and went into it right away. She thought that she could hide better in there. But at one point, she started feeling as if the air was becoming heavier by the moment. And then, she saw someone in front of her. It was an old woman with a black cloak and some green phosphorescent eyes.
‘What’s that old woman doing there?’
After capturing her with her with her eyes, the woman started to sing, or better said scream something. Rima started to feel dizzy, and her ears were hurting.
She saw two green phosphorescent rooks coming out of the woman’s cloak, and they were flying straight at her.
“What the hell..??”
She started running and tried to get away from them, but those rooks were fast. She sped up and didn’t see them anymore. Thinking that she lost them, she hid under a tree to catch her breath. Then she heard some noises coming up from the tree. The rooks appeared from there and went straight at her. Rima didn’t have a chance to pull back, so the rooks entered her body. She felt as if her whole body was caught on fire and was in some great pain. She fell on her knees because she couldn’t stand up at that moment.
“Finally stopped running?”
Rima lift up her head and saw Leo standing in front of her. She tried to glare, but her body was hurting so much that even that seemed to be too hard.
“What’s the meaning of this?” she said, even though she could hardly speak because of the pain. Leo had a sly smile, and lowered a bit to be on the same height level as her.
“You’re one step closer to becoming a lycan.”
Her eyes became wide open. He wasn’t joking. He smiled as he saw her expression.
“That old hag you met always tried to transform vampires into lycans, but never had any success on her own. The only way of turning vampires into lycans is to use us for that.”
He looked away and started staring at the sky.
“But that hag hates us. She hates that she can’t make us obey her. That’s why she wants to find ways to do this without us.”
He turned his head back at Rima, who was still in obvious pain.
“The reason I was away the other days was because I went to have a chat with her. And now that she fulfilled her part in this, we can now proceed to the final step of turning you into a lycan.”
“…Final step? What’s that about?...”
Leo looked her straight in his eyes and smiled. He bit his wrist, and blood started to flow from it.
“Alfa blood. In order to complete the transformation, you have to drink my blood.” he said as he raised the hand from which blood was dripping.
“You really are insane…”
“Heh… I wonder…”
Leo took a hold of Rima’s chin, making eye contact. He didn’t have his usual sly smile; instead he seemed really serious, looking straight in her eyes.
“I told you that I’m not one to change my mind. From the moment I decided to make you mine, your fate was already clear as well. And the moment you’ll become a lycan, you won’t be able to escape me anymore.”
He drove his hand to his mouth, and took some blood into it.
“Now, let’s proceed…”
Leo was now going towards her mouth in order to make her drink his blood. But the air was becoming heavier and heavier, being filled with electricity particles and Rima went away from him.
“Like hell I’m gonna let that happen!!”
Rima was now moving on sheer willpower. Lightning was striking the ground, which was because of her powers going berserk. The air in that place became filled with dust and smoke, and visibility was almost zero. She took the chance and disappeared into the smoke.
Leo gave a sigh.
“How much more are you going to run…?”
Rima was running into the forest, but as she calmed down her body was starting to hurt again, and she began to feel dizzy again.
“Damn it…”
She was wondering in the dark forest, feeling like she was going to faint. Using her powers in that condition didn’t have a good effect on her body. But as she almost fell, she felt as if she hit somebody and fell over him, with Rima on the verge of losing consciousness.
“Hey, what the…?!”
A boy with light purple eyes was holding her, confused of the situation.
“Hey Zero, what happened?”
A girl came and called out for him. It was Lydia. She had a really soft voice.
“I don’t know, she appeared all of a sudden looking like this.”
Rima realized it was the vampire boy from Cross Academy, who was on guardian duty with Yuuki.
“Oi, are you alright?”
“Take me… outta’ here…” she said in a low voice.
“Zero, trouble’s coming!”
Then he saw them too. A pack of wolves came and started attacking them. Zero took out his Bloody Rose and started shooting at them. But the only thing they did was to back off a little and even though they were hit, they didn’t get really hurt.
“Damn, this won’t work…”
He lowered his gun. Because they were normal wolves, the gun didn’t affect them.
“Let’s get out of here!” he yelled at Lydia. He lifted Rima in his arms and started running.
“You’re not going anywhere with someone else’s belongings.”
Zero stopped as he saw a black haired person standing in front of him. His black eyes had a sharp, piercing look, scowling at Zero.
“Zero… who’s him?” asked Lydia
“Like hell if I know!”
“R… Run…” said Rima as she got off from Zero’s arms. She stood up, facing Leo.
“So, have you grown tired of running?”
“Heh… as if.” said Rima, almost like provoking him, looking at him straight in the eyes.
Leo smirked. He was amazed by her determination, or better said stubbornness. Rima was starting to feel better, but that didn’t change the fact that her powers didn’t work against him.
“Zero… take this girl away, I’ll try to slow this guy down” said Lydia.
“No! You can’t win against this guy! Your powers won’t work on him!” said Rima as she realized what Lydia was planning.
On the other hand, Lydia gave her an answer with a calm voice.
“I don’t need to win.” she said, giving her a smile. “I don’t know what happened, but it seems that your current condition isn’t good enough so you can take him on.”
“You’re reckless…” said Rima.
Lydia answered her with a smile.
“…Are you sure about this?” asked Zero.
“Yes, I am. Take here somewhere safe, it seems like you know this girl. Don’t worry about me; I’m a pureblood after all.”
“Alright… Just try your best not to die here. Or else, what would the hunters do?”
“Hihih, alright ^^ ”
Zero turned his head to Rima, but he saw that she wasn’t willing to leave.
“Come on already, don’t make me drag you away.” He said, grabbing her.
“No, wait…” she said as she turned to Lydia. How could she just leave her there like that? Even though she didn’t know her, leaving her there would lead to her immediate death.
“Geez, you’re so annoying!” said Zero, pissed, as he lifted Rima in his arms and started running away.
As Lydia saw them disappearing into the dark, she took a long breath and turned around, facing Leo. He had a kind of disappointed, yet provoking look, as if he was preparing to kill a new prey.
“So, might as well play with you a little too…”
Looking at him, Lydia realized that she couldn’t win against him, but she could at least buy some time.
“Well, let’s start playing then.” said Lydia and charged at him.
She was fast. She was attacking him from every direction, trying to land a hit. But she couldn’t even give him a scratch. Moreover, he only seemed to be avoiding her. He wasn’t trying to attack at all.
“Come on, is this all you’ve got?”
Lydia glared at him. Leo gave a sigh, and then started talking again.
“If this is it, then I think I should start acting too…”
He started moving with an insane speed, which confused Lydia’s sharp vision. In a blink of an eye, he was already behind her, immobilizing her arms before she had a chance to get away.
“So I guess this is the end, right?” he said with an awfully evil smile, preparing to give her the final blow.
Two persons were coming from behind. It seemed like they were following him at first, but they couldn’t keep up with his speed.
Leo seemed somewhat disappointed, but didn’t seem to be bothered by it. He leaned his head towards Lydia.
“Guess we’ll leave the fun for later… that is if you’ll live until then.” He said as he released her. He changed glances with Clid and Gin, and then left.
The two seemed to have understood what he wanted to say.
“So, what should we do with this little missy?” said Clid as he was walking towards Lydia.
She remained on guard. She realized that Leo was the leader, but these guys seemed pretty powerful too.
She was trying to at least find a way to escape. She took a few steps back, to see their reactions. Clid was first to speak.
“Hey, hey, you think you can get away just like that? Not really smart, are ya--“ but he stopped when Gin put a hand on his shoulder. I t looked like he was telling him a plan, because she saw Clid nod. Very fast, Gin disappeared and Clid remained there.
Lydia looked around. She couldn’t see Gin anywhere.
“Are you sure you should be walking away from the enemy in front of you?”
Lydia turned around really fast just to see Clid in front of her, preparing to attack. Despite his appearance, he seemed really fast. Lydia backed away instantly, but was caught by someone behind. When she turned around, she saw Gin holding her arms to her back, immobilized. She tried to release herself but couldn’t do it because apart from being fast, he was strong too.
“So the little girl is in a pinch now, isn’t she?” said Clid as he came in front of her.
Lydia glared at him right away.
“I’m not gonna be the one in the ‘pinch’!”
She kicked him as hard as she could in ‘his future’, and Clid instantly fell on the ground. Gin got alarmed and tried to restrain her, but she hit his chin with her head as hard as she could, making him bite his tongue really bad. She also felt some teeth coming off. Releasing herself from his grip as he was agonizing, she ran away and disappeared from their sight.
Away from that place, Zero was trying to take Rima away to a safe place, but she seemed to have other things in mind…
“Let me go, I said!” she said as she was looking behind.
“Shut up, you’re so damn stubborn! Do you want to die that badly?!”
At that one, Rima didn’t answer back. What Leo had in mind was even worse than death for her. After a moment of silence, Zero started talking again.
“What was that guy?”
“...A lycan… a stupidly powerful one…”
She told him all she knew about Alfa’s. He remained silent after that, as if he was putting the information in order. She realized that he was still carrying her.
“Put me down, right now! I can walk by myself.”
He scowled, but put her down. She was still having some balance problems, so she sat down for a bit, leaning her back against a tree.”
“Yeah, you can walk REAAALY fine!” he grumbled.
“Shut up for a while, will you?”
He glared at her, and then turned around.
“Ok, we’re gonna rest here for a bit.”
She was glad that she was left alone. She didn’t want to go into some pointless arguments. She tried to put some order into her mind. But some rustle in the bushes made both of them go into an alert position. Zero took out his gun and shot towards the place.
“Hey, watch where you’re aiming that thing!” said a voice coming out of the bushes which Rima recognized right away. It was just Akito.
Akito made some big eyes when he saw her behind Zero.
He rushed at her, hugging her without any further notice.
“Thank goodness you’re safe! I was looking everywhere for you!”
Taking a closer look at him, Rima sow that he was really worn out. This boy was really looking for her all this time. She didn’t say anything for a moment.
Then she started talking with him to break away.
“You’re too close. I can’t breathe.”
“Oh… sorry…”
He stepped back. Then he made a funny and weird looking expression, as if he felt like he was being watched from behind. He turned around and saw the not-so-pleasant look of Zero. With the same confused expression, he turned back towards Rima.
“Who’s the bully? I feel like he’s gonna shoot me with only his glare.”
The next thing he heard was the sound of a gun being reloaded and being pointed at his head.
“Got a problem with bullies?” said Zero with the same mean looking expression.
“N…No…nothing at al… heheh.. ^^’ “ said Akito, forcing out a smile. Zero pulled back his gun. After that, Akito turned around back to Rima.
“Remember me not to make him mad from now on…”
Rima slipped a small giggle, but Akito caught that immediately.
“Amazing! This is actually the first time I saw you laughing! Rima, you’re so cute when you laugh ^^ “ he said as he was clinging again to Rima.
“Careful with whom you are being too friendly.”
The two of them looked in the direction from which the voice came from. A man with black hair and eyes was standing in front of them. His dark blue T-shirt was blood stained, and his hand was all covered in blood. He had a serious, menacing looking expression, as he saw Akito holding Rima. You could see a lot of killing intent in his eyes.
“R-Rima! Th-This guy is…” tried Akito to say, as he realized that he wasn’t any mere lycan.
“I know! We’ve got to get the hell out of here!”
“You’re not running anywhere, anymore.” said Leo as he took hold of Rima’s wrist. His eyes were showing a really angered expression. This was the first time when she felt the air so heavy. It was almost impossible to breathe.
“Let go of her right now!”
Akito turned into his lycan form and jumped on Leo. He let go of Rima’s hand, and then shook Akito off.
“Guess I’ve got to get rid of the pest first!” he said as he charged right at Akito.
A gunshot was fired from nearby. Rima turned around and saw Zero covered in blood, wounded, with hit Bloody Rose in his hand. He was breathing heavily because of the loss of blood. The blood on Leo’s shirt and hand was most likely his, when he came and took him by surprise. His gun was pointed at Leo.
‘Like this would help…’ she thought, but she saw that Leo’s arm was slightly wounded. His menacing glare was following Zero from every spot. Then he turned his eyes towards Rima, making her go into a cold sweat. His eyes were piercing her everything. He was retreating, but gave her a look that was clearly saying ‘This is not over yet’ before disappearing.
Rima’s feet made her collapse on the ground. Her wrist still had the mark of his strong grip.
Akito ran over to her side.
“Are you ok?”
“Yeah, I’m fine… I wish I could say the same thing about him though…”
She looked at Zero. He had a pretty deep wound, and it wasn’t healing fast as if would usually have with his vampire healing power. Rima went at him.
“Hey, are you alright?”
Zero stood up straight. Even though he had problems at first, he managed to find his balance.
“Yeah… I’m fine… you two should get going, he might return anytime.”
“…Us?” she looked at Akito.
“Yes, you two.”
“What about you?”
“I have another path to take. This time was like this, but next time we meet, we'll be enemies again” he said, as an ending sentence. Rima didn't say anything to that.
“Let’s go, Rima” said Akito as he took Rima’s hand.
She nodded and started walking away with Akito. Zero went in the opposite direction, until they couldn’t see them anymore.

At the Alfa’s hideout, Leo came in like a storm. His wound was already almost healed by the time he got there, but he had a really angered expression.
“That bastard! How dare you do this to me?!” He took out his anger on a table near him, crushing it to bits with only one punch.
After that, he was trying to calm himself down. He closed his eyes and started to breathe in. After a few moments he opened his eyes again. His mind had cooled off.
“So, she escaped… Well, it’s only a matter of time until she’ll be in my hands again.” He had that kind of fearful looking smile.
“And that hunter… he just dug his own grave.” he said, keeping the smile.

Author: Lacramioara Cobzaru