Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Dream Diary: Prey

She knew something was off with that night. Lilia wasn't usually afraid with going out in the dark, even if she was alone. But for some reason, something spooked her.
Her cell phone beeped. Even that made her jump. Her stomach was feeling heavy, and she had this strange feeling of being watched.
Her phone beeped again. This time it started reading. It went through the silence of the night like through broken glass. For some reason, her hands were shaking as she answered the phone.
She waited for an answer. No one gave it to her. On the other end was complete silence.
"Hello? Who's there?.."
Something was off. She knew it. Then, finally, the person on the other end spoke.
"…Lilia?" said a frightened voice, a voice which belonged to her best friend.
"Hannah? What happened?" her tone switched to concerned; she never heard her friend act like this before.
"Lilia, I'm scared! I don't want to die! Please help me, Lilia!" her friend cried out.
"Hannah, where are you?? I'm coming to get you right now!" she said, too concerned for her friend to pay attention to her own fear.
"I'm in a small chapel! I think it's the one near our scho-" her voice was cut off by her scream, followed by an eerie laugh.
'Come to me…' a voice whispered in her ears.
She turned around and looked for the source of the voice. Nothing. Around was only darkness from the night, and a streetlamp a few feet away. She was surrounded by only silence now.
Then she remembered what happened.
She ran towards the chapel which was just a few blocks away from her school. But she couldn't help but wonder. Why the chapel? That was supposed to be a holy place. A place where everyone could feel safe. Yet, why, from the moment she got in front of the chapel she felt that something was definitely going wrong?
Even though she hesitated at first, she went in. Only to discover that the main chamber was empty. A few candles were lit, giving the place a creepy feeling, as it was in the middle of the night. She wondered why they were even burning in the first place.
Then, she noticed the door leading to a second chamber slightly ajar. She took one of the candles with her, as she saw that the room wasn't lit at all. Once she got in front of the door, she started to feel frightened of what she might see there.
"Hannah?..." she said as she pushed the door. "Hannah, are you there?"
Nothing. All she heard was her own voice in a small space. She went forward. She moved the candle around, searching for anything which might lead her to her friend.
What she didn't expect to see was a pool of blood on the floor in the middle of the room. She gasped. She prayed to God that that blood didn't belong to Hannah. Losing so much vital fluid would certainly lead to a person's death. She certainly did not want her best friend dead.
Then something shone as the flame from the candle flickered. Something was in the middle of that pool of blood. Something which looked like a locket.
She kneeled down to look at it. Her heart nearly stopped. She knew who this locket belonged to. Her fears were confirmed when she opened it, just to find a small picture of herself and Hannah, both smiling at the camera.
Then, she felt a presence in the room. She got up quickly and started scanning the room. Sweat drops were going on her face since she knew this presence was evil. It was the presence which most likely killed her best friend. Then, finally, the dim light from the candle fell on a silhouette in the corner of the chamber. It seemed like that of a young, beautiful man, but his skin was as white as a corpse. He didn't even seem to be alive. And he was also covered in blood. His clothes, his mouth…
'I knew you'd come…' she heard the same voice whisper again.
She screamed. She screamed so hard that the light from the candle blew off. She ran out of the chamber as fast as she could, not even looking behind.
She ran towards her house. If something was lurking in the neighborhood, she's better take her family and get away from there.
Yet the moment she got to the house, she already knew it was too late. The lights were off. Even so, she could see the blood on the door, and the blood which was leaking out from under it. She already knew it. The place smelled of death.
She leaned against the door, not caring about the blood that was there.
"What do you want?!" she screamed.
'You…' the answer came immediately, even though he was nowhere in sight.
She knew now. That thing was after her, and to get to her, he'd kill the persons close to her first.
She held her friend's locket close to her heart, like she was saying a wish. Then she ran. She knew running wouldn't be on any help, but she ran. She could only hope that she could avoid getting other people involved in this chase. A chase in which she was his prey.

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Call of the Fallen: Poster

Wannabe poster for "Call of the Fallen". Though actually, this is the guy I used as a refference for Daemon, so it's not that Random xD I had the picture, so I used Photoshop o make this. I hope you like it xD