Sunday, 12 June 2011

Call of the Fallen: Prologue

I couldn't believe my eyes. My mind was making so many spins and turns that I couldn't move from my spot. My heart rate was going crazy with both confusion and fear. I was just staring. Staring at the pool of blood and the guy that was lying in it in front of me. The guy I used to know… the guy I thought I've known… the guy whom I actually haven't known at all…
Then my eyes went on another guy. The guy standing in front of me, on the opposite side of the body. The guy which had his hands perfectly clean even though they should have been stained with blood. The guy which I desperately wanted to know about, but didn't know a thing. The guy whom I knew now.
I stepped back. I was ready to dart away any second, once the feeling that I was chained to the ground left me.
"Lace…" he said, like in a whisper.
"Stay… away…" I said, stepping back even more.
"He called it upon himself! I had to do it!"
"He was my friend, you monster!" I cried.
I still couldn't believe he was gone, even after seeing him in front of me, dead. He became an important existence in my life in a really short time.
"He didn't think of you as a friend! He tried to kill you!"
I recalled everything that happened moments before. The time when my life seemed to be nothing but a bag in which anyone could put their lies. I felt pity for myself for being so easy to deceive. Then I remembered…
"You tried to kill me too, you bastard." I hissed.
"I didn't try to kill you. I was just trying to make you see the truth. We're destined."
My stomach was making turns. I couldn't believe he was still going on about that.
"It's no difference to me." I glared.
"You're seeing me like this because you're still part of this side. Come with me." He said, almost pleading. "..Join me."
My blood went cold. Joining him would mean a lot of things which would change my life forever. It would mean giving up the life I had now, for a life I never thought would be real, that it was only in stories. Even seeing him in front of me now seemed unreal. Everything that happened until now was unreal.
"I'd rather die than come with you. Back then, when you…" I looked at the dead body in front of me, still in horror "… killed him."
Staring at the body, I wanted to cry. I never knew if he was just a friend, or even more than that. He was the boy who listened to me each time I needed a shoulder to cry on and always try to cheer me up. He was the boy who, from the moment he met me, always took care of me. He was the boy who shattered everything in just a matter of seconds.
And in front of me, the guy who was always engulfed in mystery. The guy who pricked the interest of an adventurous girl, who was addicted to trouble. The guy who seemed to have so many secrets that I wanted to know all about them.
Now I just wanted to erase everything. His tall, sexy figure, his dark red, messy hair, which still made him look perfect, his green eyes which made me lose sight of everything each time he looked at me, his long fingers which would caress my skin…
The fingers which were now on my cheek.
"Lacy…" he whispered.
I jerked away, startled. I didn't know what to believe anymore. My heart was screaming in two directions. I wanted to go. I wanted to stay. I wanted kill him. I wanted to dive in his arms.
"Leave me alone." I finally managed to say
He stood there silent for a couple of moments, until he finally spoke again.
"I hope you'll change your mind. For your own good."
I didn't reply to that. Instead, I watched him turn around to leave. And this time, I clearly saw it. Not with my eyes which were bloodshot from tears, not through desperate cries, but clearly. A pair of huge, beautiful black wings unfurled from his back. They were like the sun, yet they were like the night. And I saw him glance one more time at me before taking off to the sky…