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Vampire Knight OS - Part X

Previous chapters: Rima escaped from Leo’s clutches and returned to her sister, Yuuki, and to Shiki. But this isn’t like she escaped danger at all. Apparently, the spell cast by an evil witch that’s trying to turn vampires into lycans has connected her to Leo in a way she doesn’t actually feel comfortable with. Especially since he’s using that to hunt her and her dear ones down, Akito being his first victim.

Part X: The Prefect

It wasn’t easy carrying an unconscious lycan all the way down to the hideout.
“Damned idiot, wake up already…”
She knew better though. With the wound Leo gave him, Akito would take a while to recover, even with his healing abilities. At least in his case, it seems his wounds healed much faster than when she was hurt. Probably the poison or whatever his claws injected in her affected vampires only.
She had to check if everyone else was alright as well. Even though their leader, Leo, was at Rima’s sight, a pack of Alfa followers surely weren’t something you could deal with and escape uninjured. With no knowledge on them or plans at all, being taken by surprise like that, in a place they considered a ‘safe house’, they’d be lucky if they even escaped with their lives. If anything ever happened to Yuuki…
She then thought for a bit about this. It hadn’t been a long time since she discovered that Yuuki and Kaname were actually her family. Even so, she grew so close to them, especially to Yuuki, that it felt strange. She didn’t feel like this towards Kaname, for example. Of course, she did feel all the respect towards him, but she didn’t feel as close to him as she felt towards Yuuki. Maybe it was the respect she was brought to have towards Kaname, the pureblood, before she discovered she was one herself. Maybe it was Yuuki’s clumsy way of getting under people’s skin. The way she cared so much about her loved ones…
Hearing her call out to her as she reached the hideout (now a totally exposed hideout) made her smile in relief. She survived. Her sister survived. And apparently, apart from some minor injuries, she seemed unharmed. Kaname and the rest did a good job protecting her.
“Help me take this one inside, will you? He weights a tone…”
“I heard that…” came a grumble from behind her. Being carried – or more like dragged – on Rima’s back, Akito was now starting to regain his consciousness. Of course, that didn’t mean he could now officially start jumping around. He still had the big wound in his abdomen, caused by Leo’s claws, and if the healing process wouldn‘t be faster in his case, he would have long since died.
Hearing him, Yuuki chuckled.
“It seems you’re ok, if you guys are already like this,” she said as she took Akito’s left arm and then threw it over her shoulder for support, leaving Rima to shift and take his right side. Since Akito was now awake and he could (barely) walk, the weight less heavy now.
“How’s everyone on your end? Are they alright?” Rima asked, and she noticed that right Away, Yuuki’s face now showed concern and sadness.
“Fortunately, nobody died … most of us escaped only with a few injuries, but Ruka-senpai and Kain-senpai were badly injured. Both of them were still unconscious when I went searching for you. After the Alfas retreated, Kaname, Aidou-senpai and Shiki-senpai went to search the area to see if there are any others still lurking around. That’s all I know for now.”
They now arrived at what was once their hideout. Rima knew they’d probably move out soon. She wondered if there would be any point to it now though, since her bond with Leo would make it impossible for her to hide from him. Maybe the best idea would be her moving out by herself. Leo could only track her down, so if she completely cuts off contact with people, they would be safe as long as they hide somewhere away from her.
“I know that face,” Akito said, looking down at Rima. “I don’t know what you’re thinking, but whatever it is, it’s stupid. So just stop.”
“Oh, good, you’re healthy enough to talk and give advice,” Rima said. “That means you’re also able to walk by yourself now,” she said as she slid off from under Akito’s arm. As a result to that, Akito instantly lost balance and almost collapsed even with Yuuki holding him. The face he had resembled one of an abandoned puppy and Rima barely kept herself from laughing out loud.
“Did I hallucinate the Rima from a while before? You were so much kinder to me then…”
“You were also bleeding to death and less talkative. It was an exception.” Rima said with a straight face.
“Good, now I know what I have to do when I want a reaction from you…”
Rima glared at Akito in a God-forbid-you-ever-do-that kind of way. She didn’t want to admit it, but she didn’t want him to go through that again, especially not in front of her.
Akito instinctively ducked behind Yuuki, looking at Rima through a single eye which went out of hiding.
“Yuuki-chan, please save me…”
Yuuki couldn’t help but start laughing. It was a relief for her to see both of them acting so lively and like their normal selves, despite everything that happened. She couldn’t imagine what could possibly go through Rima’s head right now. Having a lycan- no, an Alfa on your track definitely wouldn’t strike anyone as something comfortable. And she knew. Even though Rima seemed physically alright, her face betrayed concern.
Which grew even worse as she opened the front door. Rima’s shock couldn’t be held back anymore once she saw the scene in front of her.
Kain’s left arm was injured in such a way, Rima wondered how it was even holding to his body. Since the wound didn’t heal – being caused by an Alfa and all – he had to have his arm stitched a lot. He even seemed to have several injuries to his head, which again, were closed with stitches. Ruka on the other hand, had most of her body bandaged. Stomach, legs… every place on her body seemed to be torn. With injuries like that, it was a wonder she was still alive. Both of them were unconscious, lying on the couches after they had their wounds tended to.
Rima heard talk in the office through the open door, which she knew were the others that haven’t been injured this bad. She recognized Aidou’s voice yelling out.
“This was not a fair battle! If it had been, things would have been much more different than this!”
Everyone had these dark faces. Their flesh wounds seemed to be smaller, but the wounds they had to their spirit seemed extremely big. Being taken by surprise and outnumbered like that… even though Kaname was a strong pureblood, he wasn’t almighty.
“Aidou… battle is never going to be fair. You either have the upper hand or not.” Kaname said. “We just need to find a way to get the upper hand. In the meantime, we’ll have to change locations, because-” Kaname started, but was interrupted by Rima coming into the room.
“That’s not going to be of any use.”
Silence fell. Everyone was now staring at her, interested in what she had to say.
“Rima…” Shiki said with a smile, seeing she was safe.
Rima smiled kindly to him and then turned back towards Kaname.
“Explain,” he encouraged.
Rima took in a deep breath and started to tell them everything.
“It’s not going to be of any use because he can sense me. He can track me down wherever I go. That spell they cast on me, those things inside me,” she said, referring to the rooks “They created a link between me and him. He can get into my head whenever he wants, making it impossible to hide.”
The way Shiki was looking at her now pained her. His face showed a worry which Rima wanted to simply erase. She didn’t want to make Shiki worry like that…
“As I thought, he came to you when they attacked, right? That’s why I didn’t see him around when his whole pack was attacking us,” Shiki said.
“Yes…” Rima said, leaving out the fact that the reason he came was to threaten her that he’d be attacking those around her. Even though one of them would be his next target, she hoped they could find a way to win before there are any more casualties were made. She didn’t want them to feel that they all had axes against their throats.
She then continued.
“Long before they attacked, I kept having dreams where he showed up, saying that he’ll come soon. I didn’t know about the link, so I just took them for being simply nightmares. If only I paid more attention to them…”
Rima was now close to tears. It was her own stupidity which brought them into this. Those dreams, those hallucinations, they didn’t seem normal. Of only she had taken them more seriously…
A strong hold brought her back to reality. She hadn’t noticed she was crying. She hadn’t noticed Shiki coming and taking her in his arms. She could now feel the warmth, even though his body was vampire-cold. It was only her that recognized that warmth. With it, she could feel at peace. She could feel safe.
But she knew better.
“No… as long as you’re all around me, no one is safe. He’ll just come and hurt all those dear to me until I give in. I don’t want anyone to get hurt or worse, to die, because of me!”
“Leaving you alone isn’t an option either, Rima! Do you seriously think I could just abandon you like that?! Don’t you remember our promise?!”
That he’ll always stand by her side and protect her, no matter what. Yes, she knew. And seeing him like this right now made her realize how much her decisions hurt him. She kept pushing him away. She kept saying that she was doing this to protect him, but she only ended up hurting him.
“Yes… I’m sorry…” was all she could say at this point. She didn’t even know why she was apologizing. She simply wanted to bring some peace of mind to the man she loved. Loved…
Shiki smiled a bit, a kind smile which brought warmth her.
“Don’t ever give up…” he said as he kissed her forehead.
“I won’t,” she replied with a smile, looking at him.
From the room, next to the door, Rima was startled by the sound of struggle followed by a large thud on the door and then something heavy falling on the floor. Releasing herself from Shiki’ arms, she opened the door which was already partially open, and saw Akito on the floor, with Yuuki holding his arm.
Rima looked at him, unable to ignore the scowl he had on his face and how stupid the scene looked.
“… what are you doing down there?” she asked.
“Inspecting the floor…” he said, grumbling, as he got up and went back towards the other injured people in the room.
Rima turned towards Yuuki, not understanding the situation, which only made her sister smile awkwardly and say “Yes, inspecting the floor… that’s what he was doing… heheh…” she said as she got up as well and went into the office, trying to shake off the subject. “So what are we going to do now?”
Silence fell. No one knew exactly knew what exactly would be their next step.
Only Kaname seemed to be contemplating an idea. Yuuki noticed how deep in thought he was.
“Kaname…” Yuuki said, hoping to encourage him to speak out.
Kaname raised his head and looked at Yuuki, then shifted his eyes towards Rima. With a sigh of defeat, he finally spoke out.
“Even if we try to hide, it seems that won’t be of much help. So our only choice would be to go somewhere where we will have protection and allies when the enemy comes. A place which isn’t isolated from the world and where we can get hunters around, since their weapons seem to be able to cause damage to these lycans.”
“And that place would be…” Aidou started, started to figure out where Kaname was going with this.
“Yes. We will have to return to Cross Academy.”


It seemed logical. The needed hunters, and since the Hunter Associations were vampire-proof, the only solution seemed to be Cross Academy. That would provide them better protection than if they’d be hidden in isolation where they’d be found either way. The Academy had Kaien Cross, history’s most legendary vampire hunter which even though he retired, he’d still be able to aid them. Touga Yagari would also probably help, simply because he’d be worried if Zero Kiryuu comes back.
As soon as Ruka and Kain's wounds healed enough to move around, Kaname sent out a notice and they all set off for the underground tunnels connecting to the Academy.
“I’m still not so sure about this,” Rima said.
The academy had human students in it. Going there would surely place them in danger. She couldn’t figure out how the Chairman agreed to this, since he wouldn’t want to place them in dangerous situations. Rima was assured that Kaien Cross was aware of the danger, but since they helped in the incident with Rido Kuran, the Chairman agreed to provide them with protection.
‘Typically the Chairman…’ Rima thought.
She then looked towards Yuuki. Even though she didn’t say anything against it, she looked still reluctant to go back. After all, before she awakened as a pureblood, she was a (human) prefect there, a guardian. And even though she knew most of the students there had their memories erased, a selected few still remembered the incident and that all students of the Night Class were actually vampires. Provided they never say anything about it, they were allowed to keep their memories. One of them was Sayori Wakaba, Yuuki’s best (human) friend.
‘Yori-chan’ Yuuki thought. She chose to remember Yuuki the way she was, a vampire. She said that no matter what happens they would still be best friends. Sayori was the only reason she felt a bit comfortable with going back.
Rima reached out to take Yuuki’s hand, trying to give her at least some comfort.
“It’s going to be alright,” Rima said and smiled kindly, making Yuuki’s tense body relax for at least a bit. Yuuki smiled and nodded in response.
“I don’t know about you, but I can’t waaait to see my little fans again!” Aidou said loudly, referring to the human girls from the academy. “I hope they remember me! And if they don’t, they’ll surely keep me in mind after the very first day!” he said enthusiastically.
Akito, which was also accompanying them, leaned in closer to Rima and started whispering cautiously.
“Was he always like that…?” he asked.
“You’re exactly the same,” Rima said bluntly.
Akito looked shocked.
“Am not!”
That made Yuuki burst into laughter. The atmosphere was finally lifting up, thanks to them.
“We’re here,” Kaname said and silence fell again. There it was, the station. Cross Academy. They have arrived to the place where everything started.
As they got off the train, on the platform they could see a girl wearing the Day Class uniform and a prefect badge. The new guardian, Rima figured. She was wearing her long, dark brown hair down her back and her arms were crossed in front of her, standing straight and confident. Unafraid.
Rima wondered if this girl actually knew they were vampires. Would a human stand like this in front of a group of vampires without being afraid? Then again, since the Night Class continued going after the Rido incident, someone had to protect the humans from the vampires. Yuuki left, so no wonder the Chairman found someone else to do the job.
Still, something felt strangely off about this girl, Rima couldn’t exactly place it. Her yellow eyes staring at her the way they were, like they were inspecting her, made Rima feel anything but at ease. What was wrong with that girl?
“Cuuuuuuuuuute!!!!” Rima jumped as she heard Aidou’s shout. “Yuuki-chan, she might even rival you as a prefect, not as you are now, but as the prefect you were before, not that you weren’t adorable then either-” Aidou started stuttering. Yuuki laughed and went towards the girl.
“You must be here to greet us, I’m sorry for the trouble…”
The girl smiled, making her eyes actually stand out even more. Yuuki now noticed that if you looked from the right angle, you could see some green tendencies there too.
“It’s no problem. As a prefect, I have to welcome the new students coming to our academy… though you, as the previous prefect, must know as well.” She glanced over at Rima, then at the other vampires. “I will now escort you to your dormitory.”
“Thank you, Prefect-chan!” Aidou said enthusiastically as he dropped his arm over the girl’s shoulder. The girl pushed it away, apparently not being too fond of such close contact.
“Aidou-senpai…” Yuuki said with an attempt of a smile which turned awkward, realizing what this girl’s fate will be. She reminded her of the days when Yuuki was a guardian and had to put up with Aidou’s flirty character which only managed to turn all the Day Class girls against her. At this point, she felt sorry for the girl.
“Hey, I’m Yuuki, what’s your name?” she asked as she realized that they haven’t introduced themselves yet.
“Me?” the girl glanced, looking at Yuuki now. “I’m – ”
“YUUKIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!” the Chairman yelled out before the girl managed to say a single word. “My dear Yuuki, Daddy missed you so much! Call me Father, like you used to!” the Chairman cried happily, typically him, clinging to Yuuki like for dear life. At this point, Yuuki thought that she’d die of suffocation before she died of lycan attacks.
“Cha-… Dad, I’m really happy to see you too!” Yuuki said as she hugged him back. She actually meant those words. It actually felt really good to be around the man who raised her, her father. Even though he wasn’t her real father, Yuuki thought of him as her real one.
She gently released herself from the hug and smiled at him, being hit by a wave of nostalgia.
“We need your help…” she said.
Kaien Cross smiled knowingly, placing his hand on her head.
“I know. I know mostly what’s going on from Kaname-kun, but I’ll also need more details…” he said, and then looked at Ruka and Kain “… and also about why you two are still in that condition.”
Both of them looked at the ground. They both felt shameful about the outcome, no matter what everyone said.
“We weren’t strong enough…”
“It wasn’t your fault.” Rima stepped in. Though usually silent, this time she couldn’t just say nothing. Even purebloods had a rough time with those Alfas; imagine what a fate would usually fall on normal vampires. Those guys proved how strong they were by the simple fact they were still alive.
“Rima…I’m sorry for everything that happened,” the Chairman said. “You can stay here as long as you need, I will get some hunters from the association to aid us soon.”
“Thank you… I know this must be hard on you because of the human students…”
“Don’t mention it. We’ll figure something out,” The Chairman said. “Now, I guess you are all very tired, since it’s daytime. You should go to your rooms to get some sleep. I readied all of your former rooms for you.”
“Thank you,” Rima answered.
“Follow me,” the prefect said. Rima couldn’t help but notice the strange stare she was giving her. It didn’t feel cold, yet it didn’t warm her at all either. Her eyes seemed to hold secrets, and to be honest, it made Rima feel nervous.
‘She’s just weird…’ she said in her mind, as if to convince herself. But she still couldn’t shake off this feeling. She already got into trouble before for not listening to her instincts.
“We can go by ourse-” Rima started to say to the prefect, but once the gate to the academy opened, she saw this extremely familiar setting which once was part of her everyday life.
“Kyaa, I told you I saw Idol-senpai! He’s back!!” screamed a girl which apparently was part of the Day Class.
“Welcome back, Idol-senpai!” screamed another, and then some other girls started screaming for Kaname, Kain and Shiki. Some were even whispering about Akito, which kept silent until now since he was still feeling weird from being in a place surrounded by vampires, but now he was completely taken aback by the scene.
The girls now all started to push and Rima feared they might be in danger now that Kiryuu wasn’t around. He was the only one who could actually stop this herd, and now that he wasn’t around, these girls could prove to be more dangerous than even a pack of lycans.
Except, in an instant, they all stopped. Straight in line. Rima even wondered if that silver head miraculously appeared from somewhere, but no, all of them were actually looking in a cold sweat at the new prefect… which was glaring at them.
“I’m sorry… it seems that since you guys are back, their fanning over you seems to have kicked in again. Nothing unmanageable though…” the prefect said.
“Oh, hi girls! How are you all doing??” Aidou said enthusiastically to the excited crowd.
Rima mentally facepalmed herself. This was so typical of Hanabusa Aidou that it seemed stupid. It was like they were all returning back to normal. Rima then realized that maybe this was Aidou’s intention all along… that, or he actually is a womanizer.
“Kyaa, Idol-senpai, we’re doing perfectly fine, now that you’re here!!” the girls screamed excited in unison.
“Thanks, you guys are all so nice, just as I remembered you! I’m sure we’ll have a great time together again!” he said as he dropped his arm around the prefect’s shoulders. This only set the Day Class crowd of, screaming stuff like ‘it’s always the prefect!’.
Aidou smirked. “I’m sure they’re very jealous of you now,” he said, close to her ear.
The prefect, previously calm, now seemed to be trembling with anger as she finally snapped. She punched Aidou in the head so hard, everyone thought his skull would crack. Fortunately, it didn’t, but it did leave Aidou staring at her having no idea how that actually happened.
“They hated me before as well, so that’s no big deal,” she said, dusting her hands. “Now, I suggest we start moving, before these things make their first victim.” She glared at the girls who were calling her ‘demon’ and sorts, silencing them at once. Everyone figured she probably had a bully reputation around them.
They all agreed, moving forward. All the way to the dorm, someone from the group would be chuckling because of the incident. Yuuki thought Akito might have a seizure from all that laughing.
Rima caught the prefect looking at her again. She didn’t know if that look was a glare or not. She just tried to ignore is as much as possible until they reached the dorm.


They slept for most of the day. Since they arrived somewhere around noon, they had all the time to get enough sleep. Rima even went to some of the classes afterwards, just to get the feeling that things are the way they were before.
“I hear Chairman Cross had a hard time convincing Yagari to come back as a teacher after the incident. The vampires in the Night Class apparently hate him for that.” Shiki, who was accompanying her, said.
“Yeah…” Rima said, though absently. She was taking in the surroundings. This was the place where everything started. This is where she awakened as a pureblood. This was the place where the lycan fight first started.
“I’m going to get something to eat. Do you want to come too?” Shiki asked.
Out of the corner of her eye, Rima saw a shadow moving behind the trees. She now knew whose scent it was.
“You go ahead, I’ll catch up with you later” Rima said. Shiki gave a smile and a nod, and then left.
Rima headed towards the trees. This had to end now.
“Stop hiding and get out,” she said loudly.
From the shadow of the trees, the girl prefect stepped out. She was now standing face to face with Rima.
“You’ve been giving me these looks all day and I also saw you following me around several times. What do you want?” Rima inquired.
“We need to talk,” the girl simply said.
Need to talk? I don’t even know you! Who are you!?”
I know you! It’s exactly because I know what you’re going though that I want to-”. Suddenly, the girl stopped as if she had just been hit by a lightning bolt. “No…” the girl said, looking very alarmed for some reason. “He’s here…” she said to herself, her voice almost down to a whisper. She looked at Rima with those golden eyes of hers which held such force that Rima found herself unable to move for a moment.
“Just stay here!” the prefect said, running off towards someplace Rima had yet didn’t know.
“Hey, wait!” Rima said, chasing after her. Something about the look she had concerned her. Plus, she had this heavy feeling in her stomach which she couldn’t exactly place.


“Damn, that guardian! How could she do that to me in front of all my fans?!” Aidou said loudly to himself, stomping the ground. He was now next to a small pond on the Academy borders, and in his irritation, he froze a small layer above the water. “I mean, what’s wrong with her?! I’m ‘Idol-senpai’, I’m supposed to be an idol for girls, not getting punched by them!!” he was now yelling his issues to the pond, as if it was now his best friend.
“Fuu, you sure have some issues there.”
The apparently mocking voice came out of nowhere, taking Aidou by surprise. He didn’t sense a presence coming closer. Searching for the source of the voice, he saw a person with black hair and black eyes playing with a small rock in his hand, and sitting on another bigger one. No matter how you looked at him, this guy looked as if he was at a picnic.
“And you are?” Aidou inquired, eyeing him cautiously.
Leo stood up, relaxed. He looked at Aidou for a bit, and then shrugged.
“Apparently, your bad luck,” he said, and then smirked. He bolted towards Aidou to strike a blow.
Fortunately, Aidou had good reflexes and managed to freeze a wall in front of him before his attacker got to him. Hopefully, the guy would simply slam into the wall and give Aidou enough time to finish him off.
“Heh, the ice user,” Leo said, as he seemed to be inspecting the wall made of ice. “I heard of you, you were quite an issue for my pack. Your name is… Hanabusa, if I remember correctly?”
“Not for you, it isn’t.” Aidou glared and was now ready for another attack.
“You’re right, I feel like sneezing every time your name comes around. Now, shall we begin?”
“Begin wh-” Aidou started, but was taken by surprise when he felt a pair of claws dig into his shoulder. At a very fast speed, Leo ripped off a bunch of flesh from it and left a very big wound in its place. Aidou screamed in pain. He knew that a flesh wound caused by an Alfa would heal much slower than a normal wound in his case. Last time, he only had some broken wounds, but since it didn’t have anything to do with the flesh they healed quickly. Not the case for this one though.
He looked around. Leo wasn’t anywhere in his sight. He knew that he was somewhere in hiding, but it seemed that he could somehow hide his presence. The scent was faint.
“Tag! You’re it!” Leo said as he dug another pair of claws in Aidou’s back. How in the world did he manage to move that fast? Aidou didn’t even get the chance to see him!
But even though he just got hit, he used that exact moment to make the best out of his reflexes. He quickly turned around, and caught Leo not moving long enough to freeze his legs. That should keep him from moving for a while.
Leo stared at his legs, then at Aidou.
“That is so not fair-play,” he said, though he seemed amused.
“Suddenly attacking people behind their backs isn’t fair-play either,” Aidou countered.
“You’re right, my bad… but I love this game way too much to step out of it so fast.”
Much to Aidou’s amazement (and horror), steam started to come out of the ice, and by a simply push of his legs, Leo broke the ice and released himself.
Stepping out of the ice shards, Leo shrugged.
“Warm body. Can’t stay frozen for too long,” he said, having his usual smirk in its rightful place.
Aidou was left without words as panic crept in. His usual way of freezing wouldn’t work. He’d have to find a way to get out of this, and fast. He was loosing a lot of blood, and without his regenerating power, he wouldn’t last much longer.
He ran towards the trees on the edge of the pond and immediately heard Leo sigh.
“Seriously? Is this your master plan? Hiding?” Leo said, sounding disappointed. “Well, if this is the way you want it, then I’ll be ‘it’,” Leo said, as he started chasing after Aidou.
Hiding behind a tree, Aidou was trying to catch his breath. ‘Think Hanabusa, think!’ he thought, as he was looking around for ideas. And looking at the pond, he got one.
He went out from the cover of the trees and faced Leo, this time, his eyes confident.
“Bold, I might say. You could have still survived a couple more minutes if you stayed in hiding. I do admire your guts though.”
Aidou didn’t say a word. One moment he was standing there, and in the next one he was engaged in a hand-to-hand combat with Leo. He knew he wouldn’t have the advantage in it, as he already got a few more wounds from it. But it was still worth a shot. Seizing the right moment, he clasped Leo’s hands in his and froze them together with his. He knew they wouldn’t stay frozen for long, so he had to act fast. He used that moment to jump into the pond, dragging Leo after him.
This apparently took Leo by surprise for a moment, since he didn’t seem to notice the ice was gone from their hands the moment they dived into the water. Aidou quickly got away from him and froze his whole body in the water, freezing the rest of the pond as soon as he safely got out of it. That Alfa could probably melt a little ice on his body, but he couldn’t possibly melt a whole pond.
Breathing heavily, Aidou crawled towards a tree and sat there, leaning his back against it. His whole body hurt like hell. He froze the places where the bleeding was at its worst, but they were still big. He could barely move now.
‘I won…’ he thought as he smiled. He was breathing almost normally now as the adrenaline was wearing off. Though as a consequence to that, his wounds were now starting to hurt even more.
Something strange caught his eyes though, as he looked towards the lake. Smoke was coming from the ice and he could hear some cracks. Those cracks soon became louder until there was an explosion right where he froze Leo. Something then jumped right from the middle of that explosion, landing straight on the ground at the edge of the pond.
Aidou was left speechless. Standing in front of him was the biggest, most gigantic wolf he had ever seen. Bigger than any lycan he had ever seen. And he did see quite a lot of those lately.
‘So this is an Alfa…’ he thought, no more strength left in his body to even talk. The enormous black beast looked at Aidou with a pair of big, dark green eyes. Aidou could swear it even smirked, though he couldn’t imagine how a wolf could possibly do that.
The wolf lowered on his front paws, preparing to attack. After that, he launched himself towards Aidou.
‘This is itAidou thought as he closed his eyes. He didn’t want to see how the beast was going to tear him limb from limb until he died.
The scream made Aidou open his eyes and he saw the prefect running towards them with such a speed, he was afraid her body might break apart.
‘No… stay away…’ Aidou only managed to say in his head. ‘A human’s no match for a-’
He stopped thinking the moment he saw the girl running towards them turn into an enormous silver wolf, almost as big as the Alfa. Both beasts clashed with such a sound that it rivaled a thunder. Both of them were sent into different directions, reverting to their human forms as they fell. Leo was now back on the edge of the pond while the guardian landed in front of Aidou.
He smirked, seeing the girl which was giving him a death glare.

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